Armor in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) are protective items worn by the player's character that grant protection, resistances, and various bonus effects against damage and status effects, as well as influencing statistics such as posture and stamina drain. In Lords of the Fallen (LOTF), armor is divided into four categories: Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor. Players can adorn a full set of the same armor, or wear different pieces from different sets. 


All Armor Sets in Lords of the Fallen

Armor Sets in Lords of the Fallen are complete combinations of matching individual Armor pieces. Besides matching aesthetically, they also provide players with protection and resistances against all types of damage. Wearing any kind of armor piece, changes the character's appearance. 

Armor Sets are compromised of 4 different armor pieces: Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Chest armor. Wearing all set armor pieces does not grant any additional effect, buff, or benefit.



Lords of the Fallen Armor Set Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Anyone know what physical resistance does numerically? You can get it insanely high like 860 but it doesn't really do as much as you think it does.

      • Anonymous

        Ich verstehe folgendes nicht: Einerseits heißt es "Die Schreinrüstungen gehören nicht zu den 100% dazu". Andererseits wird aber das "Knochen Set" mit aufgeführt. Das Knochen Set ist doch eine Schrein Rüstung oder täusche ich mich da ?

        • Farming Build: (gear that increases item discovery rate. all these stack)

          Bountiful ring: you can equip two of them.

          Nhelaq (shield rune): Upgrade a shield were you can equip 3 of them (agility runes), for example "shield of whispers"

          Umbral Eye of Ethryg: Increases item discovery rate by %30 while in umbral. Only one is allowed per character.

          Consumables: (These buffs drop after you rest)
          - Lucky Paw
          - Charmed Paw

          That is all I was able to find

          • Anonymous

            If you're going for the IRONCLAD achievement were you need to collect all the armors in the game, know that this list is only showing the armor SETS, but there are also a few pieces that do not belong to any set and are required for the achievement. There is a full list on the sidebar of the LOTF subreddit.

            Other things to note:
            - Armor sets sold at any of the 3 Shrines are NOT needed for this achievement.
            - If you ever had the armor piece but you sold it and it is not in your inventory anymore, you do NOT have to get it again.
            - You can do it over plenty of different playthroughs, it doesn't have to be the same character. 
            - Many pieces are bought from vendors, buy everything they sell as soon as possible, before they leave. 
            - You will have to complete some side quests for some of the pieces.

            • Anonymous

              I have spent 5 hours checking 3 websites and I have every piece of armor in the game except the shrine armor. I have it all. I have checked 5 times. Poured over every piece of armor in my inventory and on the three sites. Im not missing anything. I did NOT grind and play this god forsaken game for 160 hours just to not get the platinum. Devs need to fix this and fix it now.

              • Anonymous

                Hey guys I just got the trophy today.
                Besides the armor on this list, you also need the BLESSED CARRION KNIGHT HELM and the BLESSED CARRION KNIGHT ARMOR. They also count for the trophy and they are not in this wiki, yet, today.
                Armor sets been sold at any of the 3 Shrines are not needed for this trophy. The rest on this list are all needed. If after having them all you still don't get the trophy, try to get the GRACE OF ADYR SCALP and GRACE OF ADYR MASK if you missed them. They don't belong to any set, not sure if they count, but probably they do.
                There is also a Helms list in this wiki where you can check, but the Pumpskin Mask also don't count.

                • Anonymous

                  Buying 1 piece of the online armors obliges you to get the full set to get the trophy? Because i had all the armors pieces and 1 piece of the bone set.

                  • Anonymous

                    A feminine look is nigh-impossible due both to the limited options and even moreso the awkward, crabwalk-like pose the character stands in.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have the latest patch, and i cheked this several times, and i had everthing, but the trophy doesnt trigger, i got even the not set armors(im a ps5 player)

                      • Anonymous

                        To get the armor trophy we have to farm mobs for random loot drop chances? To get all armors we have to get 2 endings? Because the Inferno Ending to get Cleric Judge Gisselle set and Umbral ending for Eliance remembrance set? Remembrance set need to farm Umbral scourge? and all of this armor in a single character where we don't have storage box and everything clutter as fk? MAN! That's A LOT OF GRINDING!

                        • Anonymous

                          Whoever designed the armors of this game didn't have a foot fetish. No, they took it a step further on the weird meter with a toe fetish instead.

                          • Anonymous

                            Does anybody know, if the online armors count for trophy? I have all pieces which are listed on this site, even some extra, but no trophy -.-

                            • To anyone farming every armors for the achievement, here's a weird trick i found out : if you're trying to get a particular piece but can't get it to drop after a while, warp to the hub then come back. I thought it was just a coincidence or me being "lucky/unlucky" but it happened too many times to just be random. I got most of the pieces i wanted that way, they dropped like after 3 or 4 resets. I don't know the science behind it but my wild guess would be that the drop rates are bugged as f**k and that warping in and out of the hub (or any vestige actually) fixes it. Considering how bugged this game is as a whole it wouldn't surprise me if this was the actual issue.

                              • Anonymous

                                Very tasteful design for armor in this game was really a breeze of fresh air after elden ring where many set were too odd looking

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