Combat in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) refers to the careful consideration of Stats and Equipment players need to combine to create successful Builds. Enemies and Bosses will have specific resistances and movements that must be considered to successfully defeat them. 


Lords of the Fallen Combat Guide

We still do not have confirmed information about the available mechanics of this new adventure, so we'll have to wait to define the best way to approach and defeat Enemies and demons that we will face. However, it is expected a similar move set to many Souls-like games and to repeat some mechanics of the original Lords of The Fallen game, where weapons could be equipped without meeting the requirement, but the damage output was proportionally reduced.

Please visit our Lords of The Fallen Wiki Combat Guide for more on the mechanics of the original game.

Dodging in Lords of the Fallen

Dodging is one of the most important mechanics in souls-like games. It allows players to evade attacks entirely by dodging away from them. It is key to master the dodge roll to be able to read attack patterns and evade them. 

Note that dodging is strictly related to the amount of Weight a player is carrying. Carrying too much Weight will make for a shorter and less effective dodge, making it harder for players to evade attacks.

Health & Dying in Lords of the Fallen

Be especially aware of your health. If it reaches 0 or the health bar is depleted, it means you are dead. Vitality is the Stat that governs health.  If this is your first playthrough, and this is one of your first experiences with Souls-like games, it should be a Stat you prioritize when leveling up.

Fortunately, in Lords of the Fallen (LOTF), death doesn't mean restarting from the last checkpoint. It actually throws you in the Realm of the Dead, Umbral. This second opportunity at life does have its drawbacks. Umbral is a less forgiving realm than Axiom, the land of the living. Here, Enemies are amped up: they deal more damage, are tougher to beat, and have improved resistances. In some cases, they may have new attacks!

LOTF Dual Wielding

Players are able to dual-wield any weapon combination their character is able to wield. This allows for a vast amount of options regarding a Build and adds up to the customization of said characters. Players can decide to dual-wield very different things, such as a great axe and a knife or a dagger and a massive war hammer. 

These combinations may provide the player with certain passives that can prove useful and allow them to further customize their playstyle.

Multi-Hit Attack in Lords of the Fallen 

To perform a multi-hit attack players have to press L1+R2/LB+RT, while wielding a melee weapon. 

Attack Combinations and Stances

All attacks can be combined to create unique combos, including both melee and ranged attacks.

Additionally, melee stances can be switched dynamically with Δ/Y to access a wider variety of attacks.

Experiment with equipping different melee and ranged Weapons to create unique playstyles.

Press Δ/Y to switch between one-handed and two-handed stances, each with a unique full set of attacks.

Melee stances can be switched dynamically between attacks to create unique combos.

Sanguinarix and Healing in Lords of the Fallen

The Sanguinarix is your primary healing tool and recharges automatically upon reviving. It can be accessed in the Quick Access Items and activated using ◻/X.

Other consumables are found in your Quick Access Items. Select one with the left and right buttons on your d-pad and use it with ◻/X

You can assign any consumables to your Quick Access Items through the inventory.

Wither and Wither Health

Your health receives Wither when entering the Umbral or performing certain actions with your Umbral Lamp.

Withered health can be recovered by damaging enemies. However, you will lose it all instantly if you are struck.

Do note that if the amount of Withered health possessed is too high, several hits may be required to be able to restore it all.

grey health lords of the fallen wiki guide2

Plunge Attack in Lords of the Fallen

While falling, press R1/RB or R2/RT to perform a plunge attack.

Additionally, you can use lock-on by pressing the right analog stick for extra accuracy.

How to perform a Kick in Lords of the Fallen

Press L1/LB+R1/RB simultaneously to kick. Or shift + left mouse click.

It is a handy ability to deal with unaware Enemies standing near ledges, causing them to fall to their death.

How to Block in Lords of the Fallen

In order to block, players have to hold L1/LB. Blocking enemy attacks withers your health. 

Strike enemies to restore your withered health.

Note that you will lose it all instantly if you are struck.

How to Parry in Lords of the Fallen

Parry attacks by pressing L1/LB just before impact to receive less Wither damage and deliver high posture damage to the enemy.

An enemy's posture is reduced by any attack, each with its own posture damage, so experiment with all weapons and attack types.

Once posture is depleted, stagger the enemy with a charged heavy attack R2/RB, a parry L1/LB or a kick L1/LB+R1/RB

Deliver a Grievous Strike to a staggered enemy with R1/RB

Stamina is Everything

Stamina is the resource that allows players to execute maneuvers, such as attacks, during combat. Button mashing your way to an enemy, will not work in Lords of the Fallen, because your Stamina will deplete, and you will be left defenseless. Players have to learn how to properly manage Stamina in a much more methodical and slow-paced approach to combat.

All combat actions such as Dodging, casting a spell, attacking, or blocking spend Stamina.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

According to the developers, each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses. This makes combat an analytical fight, before an actual fight per se. Players are able to learn, through combat, which tactics are useful and which don't work. This means that not all Enemies can be defeated using the same tactics. 

Magic and Combat in LOTF

Players have three different schools of magic to select from: Rhogar, the magic of the god of chaos Adyr; Radiant, the holy magic of the god Orius; and finally, Umbral, the magic of the goddess that rules the Umbral realm. These three schools of magic behave differently in combat and even have different catalysts from each other.

LOTF Ranged Combat

Press upwards in your d-pad to select Ranged Combat and press L2/LT to use the equipped long-range weapon or sorcery catalyst.

All ranged attacks consume either ammunition or mana. Different ammunition types and Spells have different slots.

LOTF Ranged Weapons

For Bows, Crossbows, and Ammunition keep L2/LT pressed to stay in ranged mode.

The quick-access menu shows how to switch between ammunition types.

Use R1/RB for a quick shot and R2/RT to aim down sights. While locked onto an enemy, both area quick shots.

Catalysts in Lords of the Fallen

For catalysts, keep L2/LT pressed to stay in ranged mode.

The quick access menu shows which button to press in order to cast each spell.

Assign Spells to each button through the equipment menu.

Soulflaying Enemies

Lock onto an enemy by pressing the right stick. Select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad and raise it with L2/LT, and soulflay the locked-on target with R2/RT. 

While an enemy's soul is exposed, attack it to apply Wither damage. 

Attack a withered enemy to inflict a large amount of damage.

When an enemy is fully withered, press R1/RB to tear out their soul with your Umbral Lamp.

soulflay soul lords of the fallen wiki guide 300px

Soulflaying an enemy consumes a charge while soulflaying environmental elements does not. (Charges can be seen on the top left area of the screen, below the Ammo/Mana bar). 

When available, charges can be seen as a small blueish-fire, and when consumed, there is just an empty black circle.

When an enemy is soulflayed, they can be pushed in any direction with the right stick.

Siphoning in Lords of the Fallen

Soulflaying an enemy's soul consumes a Soulflay charge.

Select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad and raise it with L2/LT, then siphon enemies and blisters with R1/RB to recover Soulflay Charges.

Siphoning also provides additional withered health and gathers the vigor left by enemies in an area. Withered health is displayed as a grey bar inside the normal health bar.

Players can replenish spent Soulflay Charges, by siphoning enemies or Umbral Blisters.

Umbral Parasites in Lords of the Fallen

Umbral Parasites can symbiotically merge with other creatures, protecting them or granting enhanced power. Select your Umbral by pressing down on your d-pad and find the parasite with L2/LT. Siphon parasites with R1/RB to destroy them.

umbral parasites lords of the fallen wiki guide 300px


Staggering and Backstabbing

Deplete an enemy's posture dramatically by approaching them from the back and delivering a fully charged heavy attack R2/RT.

When an enemy's posture is depleted, they can be staggered with either a charged heavy attack, a parry, or a kick.

Press R1/RB near a staggered enemy to perform a Grievous Strike.



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    • Grievous strike tutorial.
      For me the easiest way to do a grievous strike, as i have many hours doing it, try to get enemies live to 1/3 live, use a fully upgraded with umbral enchanted weapon (the more wither damag the weapon on its own does, the better, i use the nohuta 2 hand hammer), charge the attack, when the enemy is staggered with wither damage bringing his live to 1, you will do everytime a grievous strike.

      So you need to do 2 things to get a grievous strike work: wither damage that brings the enemies live to 1 and get him fully staggered.
      But watch out, when the physical damage of the weapon is like 200 and the enemy has 200 live, it will simply die.

      When you do it like i wrote it is every time a 100% chance to get it working. Try different enemies, light attacks to get an enemy to 1/3 live and last hit him with a charged attack. You dont have to fully charge a attack sometimes, since it is increasing the physical damage alone.

      Oh, and one thing to encourage you to do it, every grievous strike on an enemy gives you at least 1 rune of the enemies drop pool. Every. Time. ;)

      • Anonymous

        Don’t see that anywhere but how to proc a grievous strike with the lamp? Nobody talks about that but it’s pretty damn cool…

        • Anonymous

          Anybody else run into the issue where Grievous Strike while the enemy is staggered (red reticle pops up) barely does more damage than a standard attack?

          • Anonymous

            Dumb question probably but sometimes when I am attacking a bolt of lightning strikes the enemy. What is that? Also, I saw a character shoot a blade beam out of their sword in the trailer for this game. Does anyone know how to do that?

            • Anonymous

              Idk if it's my weapon but light attacks and heavy attacks do the exact same damage. In every game since the dawn of time light attacks were faster, dealing less damage and heavy attacks are slower but more damaging. This can't be intentional.

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