DLC for Lords of the Fallen (LotF) covers information for the game's additional downloadable content. DLCs are usually categorized as Pre-Order bonus and post-game launch DLCs which may be either paid or free content that further expands features and other aspects of the game. This page contains a full list of all the DLCs for Lords of the Fallen (LOTF).


Season of Revelry

Please see Patch v.1.1.394 to learn more about the new updates for the Season of Revelry.

Update 1: Offerings of Orius - Out Today (12/15)

  • Spell Pack #2 - The second of our two post-release Spell packs lands today, and includes the arena-devastating Immolation, Brother Knight’s Radiant Shield Throw, and the ability to shoot skin-piercing icicles from your fingertips.
  • New Projectiles - Give the gift of Blood Vomit this holiday, one of three new projectiles, alongside Explosive Mines and Frost Worms.
  • New Boss Weapon Abilities - Up until now, the Lightreaper’s Dual Blades, the ol’ Pieta and Elianne sword combo, and the stick had secret abilities. But seeing how popular these have been, we quickly got to working on adding secret abilities to ALL boss weapons, including an eruption of bouncing flame from the Cleric’s Greatsword, and the power to shoot a torrent of burning blades with the Sundered Monarch Greathammer. But… you will have to perform certain ‘tasks’ in order to unlock these devastating secret attacks.
  • Holiday Decorations - Yes, even the heinous hordes of Adyr take the time to spread a little seasonal joy, lovingly bedecking the Vestiges they patrol so vehemently in festive decor!

Update 2: Trial of the Three Spirits - Out Next Week

  • Trial of the Three Spirits - Three new questlines, three new armour sets, three new weapons. Each representing one of the three factions - Radiance, Rhogar, and Umbral - more will be revealed next week as to what arduous ordeals you’ll need to overcome in order to reap such splendiferous rewards.
  • Mirror of Distortion - One of your most highly-requested features, next week’s update includes a questline the successors of which will unlock a mysterious mirror possessing the power to alter your very physiognomy. You’ll be able to alter your body shape, gender, skin tone, hair colour, and facial features, and name.
  • New Grievous Attacks - Every family of weapon now has two unique finishers; one for single handed wielding, and one for two handed wielding.
  • Storage Box - Another item that’s been extremely high on your Christmas wishlist, we’re delighted to confirm that Skyrest Bridge will be graced with a Coffer next week, where you can deposit up to 2000 items helping to free up your inventory space.
  • Gamepad Rebind - Clearly on Santa’s good list this year, you’ll also be receiving the ability to rebind your gamepad, having been able to remap mouse and keyboard since launch.
  • SNOWBALLS! - A fourth new throwable, the festive season has well and truly arrived in Mournstead in the form of throwable snowballs. Throw them at enemies or invaders alike, until they frostbite.


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Free DLC Content

ltof roadmap 2023 wiki guide



Hexworks has confirmed the 2023 remaining roadmap regarding free dowloadable content for Lords of the Fallen. The Free Content Plan for Lords of the Fallen divides the upcoming goodies into “weekly enhancement” and “development work”. The development work focus on adding new stuff like the Halloween event, new Weapons, as well as new game modes. 


Weekly enhancements:

  • Stability – The game is not necessarily prone to crashing, and a patch in Mid-October addressed the most egregious ones, but ongoing stability is a point that any player can appreciate.
  • Performance – The game’s performance had issues on consoles and some PCs at launch, and it has already been greatly improved, but the developers will continue to fine-tune this aspect. This is excellent news for fans as one of the most frustrating aspects of modern gaming is subpar performance holding back otherwise excellent games.
  • Save Game Fixes – This means they will continue to address issues associated with save game corruption. These are not overly prominent, and some workarounds have been found online, but it’s certainly a priority as losing your progress is an awful experience. If you have ran into such issues, make sure to reach out to the developers via their official contact and report it so they can work on it!
  • Co-Op & PvP Improvements – Multiplayer is the lifeblood of soulslike longevity, so addressing Netcode, connectivity issues and the overall multiplayer experience is a must. I really hope they can focus on this aspect as I very much enjoy the coop of the game and it does need further fine-tuning.
  • Balancing – The developers will prioritize PvE to tweak balancing and address some overpowered and underpowered elements, which has already been in the works as of the most recent patch, that rebalanced some spells and also made boss weapons upgrade to +10 instead of +5. I am working to get all these changes into the wiki, but if you find anything that’s missing or has been tweaked, please feel free to edit.
  • Increased Boss Difficulty – Some players feel the bosses should be tougher, and it sounds like the Hexworks team plans to improve this aspect as well. I personally didn’t feel the bosses were too much of a pushover, but more challenging encounters could lead to more nuance in Builds and approaches, and also more multiplayer.
  • QoL Tweaks – There are many small things that can be improved for overall quality of life, and the developers are listening to player feedback to get these into the game. Make sure to share your feedback often!

Currently in Development

  • Halloween Event (Pumpkin Patch Event) – Already launched, this special event allowed players to do a special in-game treasure hunt and quest to obtain a unique and limited Helm (Pumpkin Mask) after defeating the Spirit of the Bleak Season. LAUNCHED!
  • Mob Density Reduction – This is also already launched. Being overwhelmed by hordes of monsters was a common complaint for many players, so the number of spawns and the “leashes” of monsters have been adjusted. This was done in Patch 1.1.224 by reducing the number of enemies present in areas where players most struggle. These enemies are removed in your initial playthrough, but remain in NG+, in keeping with the more challenging experience players are seeking. LAUNCHED!
  • Inventory & Stash Expansions – Plans to increase inventory are now formally announced. 
  • New Spells – Divided into two packs, the roadmap promises to bring new spells. This would be an excellent addition as there are currently 59 Spells between UmbralRadiant and Inferno and it would be amazing to increase that and improve build variety. 
  • New Armor Sets & Questlines – Special new quest lines and rewards of an armor set for each Radiant, Rhogar and Umbral has been announced. 
  • New Grievous Strikes – These are the “critical” moves of the game, so it is presumed that this means there’ll be new movesets to be performed when executing them.
  • Additional Secret Boss Weapon Abilities – Some specific boss weapons gain unique abilities after performing a certain amount of steps, and when used in a certain way. 
  • Split PvE & PvP Balancing – This allows to create a branched balanced harmony between PvE and PvP builds. 
  • Gamepad Rebinding – A feature that allows to rework bindings can really improve your overall experience with any game.
  • New Game + Modifiers – This specific update had been announced as in the works earlier on, when developers tweaked the way Vestiges work in New Game Plus with Patch v.1.1.224. The NG+ modifiers will allow players to fully customize their NG+ experience, whether that’s retaining all vestiges, keeping just a few, or removing them completely. It will also include other fun modifiers like a “hardcore” mode (1 death = permadeath), item randomizers, enemy randomizers, etc. The feature set is yet to be fully defined, but the developer announced intention is to release the modifier system before the end of the year.


Lords of the Fallen Editions

Pre-Order Bonuses

preorder bonus

  • Bronze Tinct
  • Silver Tinct
  • Gold Tinct
  • XP Items x3
  • HP Items x5
  • MP Items x5


Standard Edition

lords of the fallen gallery 8 wiki guide min

  • $59.99
  • Base Game


Digital Deluxe Edition

digital deluxe

  • $69.99
  • Dark Crusader Starting Class
  • Dark Crusader Armour & Weapons Set ( Isaac's Longsword, Holy Light explosives, full armour set, and Paladin's Pendant )
  • 100 Page Digital Art Book
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • 3D Model Viewer


Launch Edition

  • Price for Launch Edition will be 59.99 USD


Collector's Edition

  • Price for the Collector's Edition is to be confirmed.
  • Information on the Collector's Edition Lords of the Fallen is to be confirmed and it will be added once it is available.


Premium Collector's Edition

  • Price for the Premium Collector's Edition is to be confirmed.
  • Information on the Premium Collector's Edition Lords of the Fallen is to be confirmed and it will be added once it is available.

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