FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions for The Lords of the Fallen contains information regarding the different questions that are commonly brought up by the community. Here you will learn from general ideas such as release date, platforms, price, etc. Please, feel free to submit your own questions if you cannot find the one you are interested in.


The Lords of the Fallen FAQs

What platforms is The Lords of the Fallen available on?

The Lords of the Fallen is available for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5.

Is The Lords of the Fallen a Souls-Like game?

The Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy 3rd-person action role-playing game with gameplay familiar to the Dark Souls franchise. 

What Classes can you choose in The Lords of the Fallen?

Classes have not yet been announced, although it is expected that players will be able to choose between 9 classes.

The Lords of the Fallen Release Date

The Lords of the Fallen is expected to be released during 2023. You can watch the trailer by clicking HERE.

Does The Lords of the Fallen feature Multiplayer?

Yes. The Lords of the Fallen will feature cooperative and player-vs-player multiplayer. 


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