Locations for Lords of the Fallen (LotF) detail every place players can visit. Players take the role of the Dark Crusader in Lords of the Fallen (LotF), a mysterious figure who is tasked with cleansing the five Radiant Beacons using the Umbral Lamp. The game takes place in the ruined kingdom of Mournstead, where you'll navigate through grim environments corrupted by the Rhogar blight, and the realm of the dead, known as the Umbral. In this Locations guide you can learn how to access them, preferred levels, NPCs and enemies you can find while traversing them, settlements, and what loot you can find.

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Vestiges in Lords of the Fallen

Vestiges act as special checkpoints in Lords of the Fallen. Players will find them throughout the game, and they serve plenty of purposes. They allow players to rest, level up, create a multiplayer match, and even warp to another previously activated Vestige. 

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Note that resting at a vestige will respawn all normal enemies.


Lords of the Fallen Vestige Seedlings

Similar to Vestiges, Vestige Seedlings act as temporary checkpoints for you to rest at, level up and warp to other Vestiges. The main difference these have to Vestiges is that you can create these checkpoints at certain areas yourself and that only one may be up at any time.

To create a Vestige Seedling, you must first have at least one Vestige Seed in your inventory, after which you'll have to find an Umbral Flowerbed. Your Umbral Lamp vibrates and emits a special color when close to an Umbral flowerbed. When positioned on an Umbral Flowerbed, select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad, raise it with L2/LT, and hold  Δ/Y to grow a Vestige Seedling. You only have a limited number of Vestige Seeds at your disposal, so be mindful about which Umbral Flowerbeds will be the most useful to you in your run.

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Dying in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen also introduces an interesting death mechanic relating to the Axiom and Umbral. When dying while in the Axiom, players are granted a 'second life', respawning to full health and creating a small explosion around them. Dying this way fittingly transports them into the Umbral. If you die in the Umbral though, whether or not you've used your 'second life' or willingly entered the Umbral using your lamp, you'll respawn back at your last visited Vestige or Vestige Seedling in the Axiom and will drop all your Vigor at your place of death.

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The Axiom & Umbral in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen features a 'dimension-hopping' mechanic between the realm of the living, known as Axiom, and the realm of the dead, referred to as the Umbral. Getting to the Umbral is easy enough, simply spend a charge of your Umbral Lamp and you'll find yourself in the same spot you were when in the Axiom, but this time within the Umbral. Exiting the Umbral and getting back to the Axiom is another story, however. To do so, you'll have to return to a Vestige or Vestige Seedling and rest at it, or find Emergence Effigies within the Umbral that take you back without resetting enemies.

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While in the Umbral, you will slowly accumulate a status called Umbral Dread. You can gauge how much Umbral Dread you've accumulated by looking at the thin white ring around the blinking eye on the right of your screen, just underneath your Vigor count. Having high Dread causes you to experience deadly hallucinations, some of which will come into existence. Despite this drawback, you'll also have an increasing Vigor multiplier as you accumulate Dread, giving you ideal conditions to farm for more Vigor should you run low on it, or lose them upon death. Do be careful of maxing out your Umbral Dread, however, as at maximum Dread a powerful reaper-like enemy called the Scarlet Shadow will appear to hunt you down. At lower levels, players will struggle to hold their own against it, but later on, defeating it may grant the player handsome rewards.


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Lords of the Fallen All Locations

Gallery of Locations
List of Location Vestiges & Sub-Areas


Lords of the Fallen Location List

Abandoned Redcopse

  • Redcopse Village Entrance - Vestige of Hannelore
  • Redcopse Windmill - Vestige of Marco the Axe


Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters - Vestige of Rosamund


Bramis Castle

  • Bramis Castle - Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim



  • n/a


Defiled Sepulchre

  • Defiled Sepulchre - Vestige of Ranik


Fief of the Chill Curse

  • Fief of the Chill Curse - Vestige of Svornil
  • The Crow's Nest - Vestige of Loash


Fitzroy's Gorge


Forsaken Fen

  • Forsaken Fen Lookout - Vestige of Olleren
  • Forsaken Fen - Vestige of Valade
  • Shuja Hamlet - Vestige of Pale Butcher


Lower Calrath

  • Lower Calrath Depot - Vestige of Sebastian
  • Lower Calrath Alehouse - Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch


Manse of the Hallowed Brothers

  • Manse Supply Pathway - Vestige of Ferrers the Charred
  • Hallowed Brothers Leprosarium - Vestige of Brother Jeremiah


Mother's Lull

  • Sublocation - Vestige


Path of Devotion

  • Path of Devotion Memorial - Vestige of Dieter


Pilgrim's Perch

  • Sanctuary of Baptism - Vestige of Chabui
  • Pilgrim's Perch Ballroom - Vestige of Blind Agatha


Revelation Depths

  • Revelation Depths - Vestige of Lost Berescu


Skyrest Bridge

  • Skyrest Bridge - Vestige of Ethryg


Sunless Skein

  • Sunless Skein Mines - Vestige of Hooded Antuli
  • Sunless Skein Hoist - Vestige of Catrin


The Empyrean

  • The Empyrean - Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight



Upper Calrath

  • Upper Calrath Mining District - Vestige of Doln
  • Upper Calrath: Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian


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