Lore in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) includes a vast array of information that adds depth and richness to the game's world and mythos. It comprises crucial details about the story and setting, shedding light on key characters, companions, enemies, main events, and factions. Understanding the lore not only provides context but also enhances the overall experience of the game by immersing players in its intricately woven narrative and captivating universe. Players can refer to the Walkthrough for navigation, or click on each component to discover what entries lie within.

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Lore Information for Lords of the Fallen


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Following an era of the most brutal tyranny, Adyr has been vanquished, but eons later, his return looms on the horizon. As a renowned Lamp Bearer, venture through both the domains of the living and the departed, confronting monumental perils on your path. The tale has yet to be unraveled on how Adyr managed to garner strength to rise once again. The all-new Lords of the Fallen is set 1000 years after the events of the original game, where the unfathomable return of the Demon God Adyr looms on the horizon. The game is set in the medieval dark fantasy era where this monstrous godly being was being restrained by the Five Beacons of the Sentinel after its previous defeat. The said Beacons towers over the land of Mournstead, a prominent region where the game sets. Eons after, Adyr's dark forces festered and defiled these Beacons. Rendering Adyr's shackle's weak and volatile.

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 " You are in the presence of a god, human. "

You as a Lamp Bearer found the mysterious lamp that gives its bearer the ability to breach two worlds. The world of Axiom which is the world of the living, and the world of the undead, Umbral. As a bearer of an unknown special ability of having multiple lives, you as a crusader will travel the land of Mornstead to cleanse and revitalize the Five Beacons of Sentinels to thwart Adyr's Resurrection. In this perilous journey, prepare to encounter monstrous and demonic beings beyond imagination that will fit in the Dark Fantasy theme or setting. The Crusader will not only need to have the courage to conquer these demonic beasts but also have the will to traverse burning cities, unearthly caves, nightmarish forests, intricate citadels, and more. 

The Region of Mornstead

" I look upon you with pity my lost child. "

Mornstead is a prominent region where Lords of the Fallen will take place. A truly iconic region where the Demon God Adyr lies. Across Mornstead's horizon, Adyr's hand can be observed. Towering over the land. A quiet spectacle but also an outlandish reminder of how powerful Adyr can be. The demon god's forces still loom over the land, making Mornstead a perilous region that no ordinary human tries to explore. Demonic beasts, fallen crusaders, faunas, and cult groups are the inhabitants of Mornstead.

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Each has their own agenda. However, all of them have one thing in common. They are against you and they will never stop hunting you thus, come prepared. Aside from Mornstead's inhabitants, the Five Beacons of Sentinels towers the land. These holy towers serve as a beacon and a form of magical restraint over the demon god and the lore suggests that Adyr's forces or minions.

The Protagonist, The Lamp Bearer

" You never possessed the mettle for this, Crusader. "

A stout and formidable being who found the mysterious yet powerful lamp that can traverse through the world of Axiom and Umbral. The player will assume the role of this special crusader in Lords of the Fallen. A Crusader who can rise from the dead when slain and known as the " Two Lives ". an invaluable ability like no other.

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The Dark Crusaders knew the existence of this special crusader and hence were recruited to fight Adyr. How little do we know about this special crusader's intentions? Being entrusted with the lamp is no mere coincidence and it could be an orchestrated act or simply fate. As an individual, you as the crusader will determine his or her destiny.

The World of Axiom in Lords of the Fallen

" Mournstead has fallen... "

This is where the game shines as it allows players to explore two parallel worlds simultaneously. Axiom is the world of the living. Take it as your standard world to explore compared to Umbral. Axiom is filled with life and typical inhabitants of Mournestead such as enemy soldiers, cultists, wild animals, and more. It is by no means forgiving as Morstead is a perilous place regardless.

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The Dark Crusaders

" In Light... We Walk. "

The Dark Crusaders are the individuals who keep the land of Mornstead in order from the influence of Adyr. An elite group of warriors equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, masters of different fighting styles, knowledge about sorceries, and more. Situated in heavily guarded citadels, they are always ready to thwart the demonic forces that engulf the land.

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They govern the land with dignity and duty however, it is unknown whether their intentions are pure and noble. You as a Crusader will be part of their endeavors and tasked to journey through the land to cleanse the Five Beacons.

The Demon God Adyr

" Man finally defeated its overlord. "

A supernatural and powerful being that resembles a god. Has the ability to command demons and other metaphysical beings. The one true enemy of mankind in the universe of Lords of the Fallen. Mankind has sworn an oath to battle this demonic and his minions for generations. Ultimately, mankind won the war and slain Adyr.

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Adyr's gargantuan body was laid in Mornstead and sealed Adyr with the help of the Five Beacons of Sentinels. In the latest installment of the Lords of the Fallen, Ardyr threatens the land with his resurrection thus, mankind acts again by sending their Dark Crusaders on a perilous journey to stop Adyr from reigning once again.

The Umbral Realm in Lord of the Fallen

" But one light still flickers... "

Axiom is indeed dangerous in all accounts and no crusaders will be spared. However, the Umbral Realm is the land of the dead. It is a place of untold horrors and filled with uncanny demons beyond imagination. According to the developers, the Umbral Realm provides top-notch challenges for those who dare. Players will be switching back and forth between realms to progress and the longer you stay in the said realm, the more demons will hunt you. Are you up for the challenge?

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