Merchants in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) are non-playable characters or NPCs players encounter throughout their adventure. Players can interact with Merchants to exchange items and services. These Merchants are found throughout the adventure and are essential for upgrading Equipment, Items, and even Stats. Below you can find a full list of all the Merchants, their locations, and what they can offer you in Lords of the Fallen (LotF).

What types of Merchants are Available in LotF?

You will find multiple characters such as Merchants in LotF who are available to help you in your journey. Merchants are characters with whom players can trade for Equipment, Magic, and other Items or a Blacksmith whom you can ask services for, and those who provide quests to provide information that can help piece together a beautiful story.

Some Merchants are immediately available, while there are those that will need some help or will require players to finish quests or reach a certain progression before they become available to help you.

Where Can I Find Merchants in LotF

Many of the merchants are seen in The Hub or the Main Hall of the Skyrest Bridge. You will find a cluster of them within the area while there are others that are scattered in the two parallel realms: Axiom or Umbral realms. NPCs can't be accessible in both realms, they can only be present in one realm in LotF.

There are also Traveling Merchants that you can encounter in LotF, so you can expect that they will be moving places as well as increasing their inventories.


Interactions with Merchants in Lords of the Fallen

Players are able to interact with Merchants in a manner that will help them progress their characters such as upgrading their Items, Equipment, and even Stats. There are also others that will help you progress your story and will have an effect on the storylines of certain characters and ultimately, the Ending that you will be getting.

Accepting Quests from Merchants in LotF

In a similar fashion to NPCs in Lords of the Fallen, players may accept quests from Merchants by interacting with them. If you find a Merchant, simply walk up to them and exhaust their dialogues. By doing so, you will know more about what troubles they might be facing so they can ask for your help. By doing favors for Merchants, players are able to earn valuable rewards.  This will also help in boosting your character's stats or earn new Equipment and Weapons.


All Merchants in Lords of the Fallen

LotF Merchants

damarose the masked npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px
Damarose the Marked

She is a follower of Adyr and wonders if you could serve a purpose in the return of Adyr.

exacter durmine npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px
Exacter Dunmire

He was first seen during the cinematic after the Character Creation wherein he bestowed a boon upon the Main Character and challenged them to prove themself worthy of the gift.

gerlinde the blacksmith npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px
Gerlinde the Blacksmith

She is a Grouk woman accompanied by a creature she calls Sparky. You will first encounter her while she is imprisoned in the mines beneath the Pilgrim's Perch.


molhu npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px

They are an Umbral High Priest that can only be interacted with inside the Hub while traversing through the Umbral Realm.

pieta npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px

She was restored to life by Orius after you defeated her boss version, Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal.

stomund captain of the fidelis npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px
Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis

He leads a group of good men and women who are fighting the possessed Hallowed Sentinels.


thehk ihir 2 npcs merchants lords of the fallen wiki guide 150pxx

He is a faithful pilgrim who was rejected by the Hallowed Sentinels. He can be found on the scaffolding that leads to the Pilgrim's Perch and warns you of what lies ahead.

tortured prisoner npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide150px
Tortured Prisoner

She is a companion and a Merchant who can be summoned to defeat certain Bosses.

winterberry npc lords of the fallen wiki guide 150px min

She is a Merchant who plays a part in Byron's questline in search of Catrin's missing pendant.



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