New Player Help for Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is where all the information valuable to new players is gathered. Lords of the Fallen may be a challenging game for the impatient or unprepared, so new players can find information here that may be useful as a starting point to find the best approach to the challenges in the game.

Lords of the Fallen Helpful Pages

  • Controls: Shows you the layout of the default keys and controller for each platform the game plays in.
  • Combat: Learn about the basic and advanced mechanics of the combat system of Lords of the Fallen.
  • FAQs: If you want to learn more about the other aspects of the game and any other frequent questions.
  • Classes: If you want to learn more about the different classes present in the game.
  • Online: To learn more about how to interact with other players.
  • Weapons, Armor & Accessories: Check out all the available arsenal you can obtain in the game, as well as Builds which you can try out to help you in various situations.
  • Locations: For a list of all locations, NPCs, Enemies, and Bosses.
  • Magic Types: For a list of all available Magic spells.
  • Walkthrough: Check out a detailed guide to finishing the game.
  • Bosses: Check out a compendium of all the bosses encountered, which includes a guide on how to defeat each boss

LOTF Beginner Guide


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Lords of the Fallen New Player Help Guide

Choosing your Class in LotF

At the start of the game, players will have to choose between 9 different classes. These Classes are Udirangr WarwolfHallowed Knight, Partisan, Mournstead Infantry, Blackfeather Ranger, Exiled Stalker, Orian Preacher, Pyric Cultist, and Condemned. All 9 classes have their own strengths and weaknesses, and players have to pick one according to their playstyle.

All are viable options to play the game, especially for a beginner, except Condemned which is a class aimed at the more hardcore and experimented player, given it starts with lower stats than the other 8 Classes.

Exploration between Realms

Lords of the Fallen (LOTF) has two planes of existence: Axiom the land of the living, and Umbral the realm of the dead. In the beginning, players will start traversing the world of Axiom by default, but certain solutions may only be found in the other realm. This mechanic can be achieved with the help of the Umbral Lamp

Players will have to think, not only about the environment, the Enemies, their strengths, and weaknesses, etc. But also sometimes, be ready to switch realms to find the solution to their problem there.

Using the Umbral Lamp, may also reveal hidden paths or secret loot. So be always on the lookout and pull out your Umbral Lamp to check on the environment.

Be on the lookout for Moths, which indicate points of interest in which you can use the Umbral Lamp. In order to do it, press down on your d-pad and raise it with L2/LT to peer into Umbral.

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Sometimes, moths indicate that your path in Axiom is blocked, but there's something in the Umbral Realm.

Select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down in the d-pad, and rift by pressing L2/LT and ◻/X.

Once in Umbral, lock onto an environmental element with the right stick and Soulflay it using L2/LT and R2/RT to pave your way.

Dread and Staying in Umbral

Prolonged periods in Umbral make your presence increasingly known to its inhabitants.

The longer you spend in Umbral, the more dangerous the beings who hunt you.

This is represented by the eye icon located in the top right corner of the screen. The longer you remain in Umbral, a white line will circle the eye icon, indicating the increasing level of danger.

Vestiges in Lords of the Fallen

Vestiges mark places where previous lampbearers fell. Once activated, these serve as points of revival should you die in Umbral.

Activated vestiges can be warped between and used to beckon other lampbearers (multiplayer)

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What are Stigmas in Lords of the Fallen?

Fragments of past events, often traumatic, which occurred in Axiom can appear in the Umbral realm as Stigmas. 

Select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad, raise it with L2/LT, and Rift by holding ◻/X to transition to Umbral.

Then, lock onto a Stigma by pressing the right stick, select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad, and Soulflay it with L2/LT+R2/RT, to reveal a fragment of the past.

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Players receive Umbral Scouring when interacting with Stigmas. They can be traded with Molhu.

Shortcuts in Lords of the Fallen

While exploring Mournstead, players will find plenty of shortcuts in the way of doors, ladders, or elevators that will help traverse certain sections of the game. Be on the lookout for them, as they will help you traverse the world much more effectively.

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Paying Attention to Your Weight

In a traditional Soulslike game, equipment load is a critical aspect that new players must focus on. The speed of your rolls is directly affected by your current load, making it ideal to maintain the lightest possible load to take advantage of fast rolling. Wearing shields and heavy armor sets adds weight, and exceeding the recommended weight limit results in what is commonly known as fat rolls. This slow-rolling animation makes your character vulnerable to incoming attacks.

Level Up Your Character

Increasing specific stats unlocks new abilities and weapon choices that are exclusive to that stat. Prioritizing strength over agility, for example, grants access to powerful strength-based weapons like two-handed swords or grand weapons. On the other hand, agility-based weapons are more effective for players who prioritize agility, such as daggers. To plan for builds, here is a brief overview of each stat and its function. It is essential to focus on your build during early and mid-game.

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  • Strength: Governs physical attack and defense and often scales with heavy weapons.
  • Agility: Governs physical attack with agility-scaled weapons.
  • Endurance: Governs stamina and weight.
  • Vitality: Governs HP and weight.
  • Radiance: Governs mana and the ability to cast spells.
  • Inferno: Governs mana and the ability to cast spells.

Upgrade Your Sanguinarix

The Sanguinarix is the primary tool used to replenish HP when needed. The Sanguinarix can be upgraded, boosting its efficacy in combat compared to previous Soulslike titles. Further upgrades increase its restorative powers and the number of charges available during combat. Later upgrades provide more healing and charges, which gives players more wiggle room for errors. The Sanguinarix can cover for them if players make a lot of mistakes in combat. So the higher the upgrades, the more wiggle room for mistakes. This is helpful for newcomers in this genre.

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Umbral Lamp in Combat

The Umbral Lamp is not limited to exploration; it is also a valuable tool for combat. The lamp can identify enemy weak spots in the Umbral Realm, which is a setup that some enemies tend to have. Thus, it is good practice to flash the lamp on these enemies. Soulflay is a feature in combat that allows the Umbral Lamp to siphon the soul of the enemy out from its mortal coil. While the soul is exposed, players can deal damage, resulting in immense overall damage to the target. Use Soulflay to overcome challenging foes and do not forget that you have this feature.

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Dying in Lords of the Fallen (LOTF)

When a player dies in Axiom, the game does not end, nor does it take you to your last checkpoints. In Lords of the Fallen, when you die for the first time, the realm shifts (from Axiom to Umbral), and you are given a second chance. Do note that enemies in Umbral, are more vicious and are harder to beat, so it would be in your best interests to be able to return to Axiom as fast as possible.

Umbral Rifting

Select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad and raise it with L2/LT

Rift by holding ◻/X to transition to Umbral.

Beware, as you can only exit Umbral at specific points.

Soulflay Obstacles

Press the Right stick to lock onto them. Select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad, raise it with L2/LT, then soulflay the locked-on target with R2/RT. This allows players to remove certain objects and be able to advance or explore alternative paths.

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What are Emergence Effigies in Lords of the Fallen?

Use emergence Effigies by pressing ◻/X to emerge from Umbral and transition to Axiom.

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How to Recover Vigor?

Vigor is the main currency in Lords of the Fallen, players mainly earn Vigor by eliminating Enemies. If you perish in Umbral, all of your current vigor will be dropped at the spot where you died.

You can recover your dropped vigor with your Umbral Lamp by approaching it and pressing ◻/X.

But beware, some enemies might pick it up before you, and you'll have to defeat them to recover it. However, if you die in Umbral before collecting your dropped Vigor, then it will be permanently lost.

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How to reach high-hanging items

Sometimes, while you are exploring, you will find items hanging up high from your position, making them impossible to grab. To be able to do so, players have to shoot them with a Ranged Weapon to make them fall, and then grab the items from the ground.

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Take Advantage of Magic Spells

Magic in Lords of the Fallen is a set of unearthly abilities that players can take advantage of. Magic spells are categorized under three schools: radiant, umbral, and rhogar. Each specializes in different applications such as healing, buffs, elemental spells, or weapon imbue techniques. In addition to a vast array of equipment, it is highly advisable to explore magic spells as well since they may aid you in your journey. Most magic spells are helpful in general combat.

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  • Radiant: The holy magic of the god Orius provides supportive magic and healing spells.
  • Umbral: The magic of the goddess that rules the Umbral realm grants its bearers unearthly spells for a variety of situations.
  • Rhogar: The magic of the god of chaos Adyr that harnesses fire magic spells.

Take Advantage of the Umbral Realm

The Umbral Realm is filled with powerful adversaries that players can take on. Often, these enemies provide better rewards. One core advantage of playing in Umbral is that enemies in this realm grant more vigor than enemies in Axiom. Not only can players gather more vigor, but they can also take advantage of rare loots or hidden treasure chests that are not present in Axiom. Although there's a possibility that new players will have difficulty traversing the undead realm. With practice, it is doable.

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Timings and Patience Are Key

Lords of the Fallen ( LotF) is a Soulslike game. It is expected that its overall progression and combat may provide great challenges, especially for players who are new to the genre. But like in any other game, mastery, patience, and focus are the key things that a player should have if one wants to become victorious. Be mindful of your dodge and attack and timings since, dishing out combos mindlessly will only get you so far. Analyzing enemy movesets and weaknesses is the best suit that a player can engage in. Soon enough, adapting to its punishing gameplay would come into hand.

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Choosing the Right Weapon

In Lords of the Fallen, players have access to a plethora of weapons. Finding your specific playstyle is crucial as it depends on your personal preference or the build you are going for. Swords and daggers are capable of speedy attack combinations and primarily scale on agility, while grand weapons have a relatively slow attack speed but have immense attack power due to their superb strength stats scaling. They can crush foes with a few blows. A spear has magnificent thrust attacks with great range, making players safe from melee attacks.

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