Online and Multiplayer Guide in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)  refers to all online and cooperative options, features, and all information related to online play modes. Lords of the Fallen allows players to play cooperatively with friends online. Hosts can invite one other player and venture through the main campaign of the game, working together to defeat difficult bosses and go through challenging locations as a team. Find out everything about how to unlock these Multiplayer modes, what it entails, how loot is divided, and what parts of the game can be played cooperatively.

  • Please visit the Shrine of Orius for more information about how to earn its currency and more.
  • To learn more about the rewards and available items for PvP, please visit the Shrine of Adyr page.
  • Check out the Shrine of the Putrid Mother page for guides on how to "avenge" fallen lamp bearers.

All Online and Multiplayer Features for Lords of the Fallen

  • Cooperative Play: Yes
  • Cooperative PvE: Yes
  • Communication Gestures: Yes 
  • PvP Invasions: Yes
  • PC / Console Crossplay Support: Yes
  • Console / Console Crossplay: No 
  • Player TradeYes
  • MatchmakingYes
  • Matchmaking Balance & Scaling: Yes
  • Shared Loot: Yes (Read additional details below)
  • Shared Progression: No

Multiplayer and Online Settings for Lords of the Fallen

Activate or deactivate Online Mode. Note offline mode will switch off all online features of the game, including shrines, coop, PVP, and revenge. 

From the Multiplayer menu in your settings, players will be able to toggle online and crossplay features or set a session password which can be used by the host to invite specific players to their game.

  • Toggle Online
  • Toggle Allow Crossplay
  • Session password


Lords of the Fallen Online Multiplayer Guide 

How does Coop work in Lords of the Fallen?

Cooperative play in Lords of the Fallen begins with a host who can invite one other player to join their game at any point using a drop-in drop-out type of system for seamless uninterrupted play. Players can choose to access cooperative play to get help with specific locations or challenging Bosses in the game, combining the Builds and skills of two different players in PvE. Should a coop partner fall, they can be revived at a seedling Vestige or a regular Vestige. During boss fights, there will also be an option to revive your partner.

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Does Lords of the Fallen Support Crossplay? 

Crossplay will be available in the game but it is limited to PC and console. Players from two different consoles will not be able to access the crossplay feature. 


PvP in Lords of the Fallen

PvP in Lords of the Fallen appears in the form of invasions. These are PvP systems where players can enter other online players' games uninvited to challenge them to a duel. Invasions can occur unexpectedly as long as both players are online. 


What are Invasions in Lords of the Fallen?

Much like other soul-like games, players online will be able to invade and be invaded by other players. There is no option to prevent other players from invading as long as you are online in the game, but playing offline or turning off multiplayer altogether will prevent all online interactions from occurring, including invasions. On the other hand, players can access a specific multiplayer consumable item from a vendor which can temporarily prevent them. 


Can I Invade Friends in Lords of the FAllen?

Friends who wish to invade each other can feel free to do so in any of the designated PvP zones. 2 Players can make this connection by inputting the same session password while one of them steps into an invasion PvP area. One player of the pair will then become the invader. Choosing to duel each other this way will affect your winnings and rewards.


Matchmaking in Lords of the Fallen

Since players can free to match with all other online players,  the game will attempt to match those of similar level.  However, the criteria range for matching will expand as the matchmaking process continues. Should players match with someone of a very skill level, the game will attempt to scale the damage to compensate both players and experience. 


What are Gestures in Lords of the FAllen?

Gestures can be fun interactive ways to communicate in-game. These are common features found throughout souls-like games. Gestures or Emotes can be used both offline and online. Players will begin with a standard set of gestures, but more can be earned through differnt in-game interactions with different NPCs or by locating them as loot. Each Faction shrine will also have a unique gesture. To view all gestures and how they are obtained, view the Gestures page. 

How to Use Coop in Lords of the Fallen

Your online Settings in Lords of the Fallen can be accessed or toggled anytime from your settings under the Multiplayer tab. To activate Multiplayer, access any of the activated Vestiges and select Multiplayer to host a game to invite a friend, invite a player through matchmaking, input a session password to join someone, or choose to invade another online player. Your options for multiplayer will appear as follows:

  • Beckon lampbearer
  • Beckon Friend
  • Accompany lampbearer
  • Slaughter lampbearer

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Host Controls in Lords of the Fallen

When in a cooperative or PvP match, the host will be in control of the setting. This includes the world state. They will get to control whether they play in Axiom or Umbral. This also includes warping. Guests in coop will warp with the host whenever they travel. Guests will have very little control over the gameplay, and progression done within cooperative play will not affect the guests game. All main loot, and hidden loot will be available to the host, while guests can pick up general loot and drops, but will not have most control or access to hidden items and items in chests. This also applies to PvP. Even during invasions, the host will have primary control of the game. 


How to Revive a teammate in Lords of the Fallen

If a player is downed whilst traversing the lands, the cooperative teammate will have the ability to receive the other player. You will be able to see a glowing spot in the area where they were downed. Approach the spot to reveal the option to revive them, but be aware of your surroundings before you begin to do so. 


Coop Character Progression in Lords of the Fallen

When playing cooperatively, only the host will progress their game and advance in your storyline. The Invitee will still gain any XP and loot earned from the cooperative run. 


Sharing Loot in Lords of the Fallen Coop

Loot from enemies and drops can be accessed by both players in a cooperative party. This includes all weapons consumables, armour, and shields. However, only hosts can access world loot and hidden items, which include items in chests.


Maximum Party Size for Lords of the Fallen

Online play is an optional feature that requires PS Plus for PlayStation. Some notes include that it supports up to 3 online players which already includes one other friend (the Host and invitee), plus a potential invader which totals to three. There is a maximum of 2 players in a party, and playing cooperatively does not prevent invasions.

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    • Anonymous

      No console/console crossplay? That is not true, at least not anymore. I am xbox, I’ve been matched mostly with playstation.

      • Anonymous

        I played the game in two differents PC. Now, i get the message 'you start online session in two differents plataforms' every time i star the game. So, my steam friends list is not listed anymore. I try with a reinstall, but the same issue.

        • Anonymous

          PVP and Coop is officialy dead in my opinion because of the update. I am over 100 and hardly find a match with Coop even less then PVP.
          In my opinion the Devs should fokus on stability and the rewards then PVP rules before nobody plays the game anymore.

          • Anonymous

            I have run around for hours after activating Accompany Lampbearer without ever getting summoned. It's really hard to be a Sunbro in this game. And yes I know you have to turn it back on if you die

            • Anonymous


              • Anonymous

                Even after patch, coop is a hot mess. Coop partner stuck doing 2 damage, same level and everything. Still getting lag, still getting frame drops, and console still gets shafted with late patches. Time to just shelf this and be done with it.

                • Anonymous

                  You get alot more multiplayer rewards if you use an Australian VPN instead of playing f.e in Europe.
                  - Ripped Eyes: Europe 3 per kill -> Australia 150 per kill
                  - Stolen Coins: Europe 30 per boss -> Australia 300 per boss
                  - Severed Hands: Europe 9 per win -> Australia 150 per win (not counting the usage of charred fingers)
                  To top this insanity off the prices are lower in Australia. In Europe you pay 100 for each armor tinct, but in Australia only 50.

                  • Anonymous

                    you get 1/2 the xp no campaign loot. You still drop shitty items on the ground and you cannot get upgrade for your heal and lantern. WOW! amazing to see my friend having so much more buff and gear upgrade and like 20lvl above when we played the all the time together. amazing seemless coop !

                    • Anonymous

                      Matchmaking and balance seems broken. Been paired with people fighting high end bosses that one shot me, had an invader who had like 7 heals while I was at a point in the game with only 4 heals and my hits only did 50 damage max per hit while they would hit me for half my health. Balance is not there

                      • Anonymous

                        Oh no Palyer trade i see low level guys running with the best weapon arround and makes this games stupid easy like elden ring and all the dark souls games

                        • Anonymous

                          I want to say inviting people is worse than the summoning song and dance, but its faster and easier. F for more than one invader.

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