Quests in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) are the different missions and favors that players can complete in the game. Quests are usually divided into two types, the Main Quests which focus on completing the tasks that are associated with the Main Story of the game and progress the story, while Side Quests are the missions that are acquired in varying ways such as interacting with an NPC and accepting their favors or triggering certain events, conditions, or reaching a certain progress. Completing Quests rewards the player with Materials, Items, and unlocking more content in the game such as upgrade services, new areas to explore, combat mechanics, and more. This page features all of the Quests available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF).

How to Find Quests in Lords of the Fallen?

Quests in Lords of the Fallen present themselves in a similar fashion to Souls-like games. They are usually given to players by NPCs when interacting with them or the quests will progress as the game story goes on. There aren't special indicators that will mark quests as done or not, but players will have to track their quests on their own. Quests can either be a story quest, or optional which can grant players additional Merchant services, expanded Merchant inventory, or valuable items as rewards.

When taking quests from NPCs, it's important to know that this will affect their storyline, or others can even affect the Ending. Whenever you interact with an NPC, players must bear in mind that their actions or inaction can result in a change in their characters.

Exploring the Axiom and Umbral Realms in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen introduces 2 parallel realms that players can navigate simultaneously. The Axiom (realm of the living) and Umbral (realm of the dead). These realms are accessible to players at any time they wish and they can cross over to the other realm at certain points.

This will allow players to fully navigate and explore Mournstead and is important when completing quests. There are also certain NPCs, Quests, and Locations that are only accessible in the Umbral Realm.


Lords of the Fallen All Quests







The Rejected Pilgrim

thehk ihir npcs merchants lords of the fallen wiki guide 300px

The Umbral Realm Guide

umbral realm guide molhu npcs lords of the fallen wiki guide 300px



Lords of the Fallen All Seasonal Quests

Pumpkin Patch Event

pumpkin stigma event info box lords of the fallen wiki guide min

Season of the Bleak’s upon us and rumours are stirring of mysterious happenings across Mournstead. Some claim to have spied a fabled mask - the very stuff of nightmares - but is there truth to such tales?

The Way of the Bucket

the way of the bucket quests lords of the fallen wiki guide300px

An ancient martial art? An extraordinary, time-honoured ritual? Or just one man’s unprecedented commitment to the humble receptacle?"


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    • Anonymous

      Missing most of the new quest, the only 2 listed are the useless Halloween helmet and the even more useless Bucket quest that for most does not even begin despite having the emote....Be nice to know, where the mirror is, 8 spells and new weapons, armor ect...Remove the Halloween one its over, Bucket quest is bugged and not worth any effort anyway, take that down.
      I go to wiki for awsers not confusing walk through and no information on Quests, spells,wrapons, mirror and armor that have been out for months...or is the game dead?

      • Anonymous

        I think i might be dumb because I have no idea what I am meant to do in this game. I have found around 14 vestiges, I have changed the red beam to gold of around 4 beams I don't know how to find the rest of them. I keep running around in circles. I put the game down a while ago I just really want to finish it.

        • Anonymous

          It's hard to tell because you describe the same quest line as if it were a different one.
          The quests should be listed more concisely.

          • Anonymous

            The wife and I have been co-oping through on PS5 since release, we are having a blas, the frame rate and stability issues have pretty much gone away after doing the port forwarding and having the most recent patch. Thanks for all the help Fextralife.

            • Anonymous

              man there is so many ways to easy ****ed up this quests and some are actually important to do is certain way like Blacksmith quest for runesmithing

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