Weapons in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) are the equipment designated to damage Enemies. There are different types of Weapons to choose from, each with its own stats as well as strengths and weaknesses. A specific amount of Stats may be required in order to wield certain Weapons. There are a total of 12 different weapon types.

Players can combine weapons by dual-wielding, being able to come up with different combinations allowing for further experimentation and customization.

Lords of the Fallen Weapons Useful Links

  • See Boss Remembrances for a list of all available Boss Weapons.
  • See Stats for information on what effect each score has.
  • See Runes for information on empowering weapons through crafting.
  • See Shields for a list of available shields.
  • See Armor for a list of all available armor sets.
  • See Accessories for a list of all available accessories, some may be useful paired with certain weapons.


Lords of the Fallen All Weapon Types




Weapon Scaling in Lords of the Fallen

Scaling is how much damage is added to a Weapon due to your investment in a specific Stat like Strength or Agility. Lords of the Fallen also handles this in a similar manner to the Souls franchise with "S" being the best Scaling, followed by "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E". Each letter corresponds to a range of percentage increments in regard to the corresponding stat.

In short, the better the letter, the more damage you will deal by investing in the specified scaling Stats. Some Weapons have more than one Scaling Stat, so pay attention to what these are and make sure to increase the ones that give you the most damage per point invested in a particular attribute.

Weapons will also come with a set level that can be increased through crafting.

Lords of the Fallen Damage Types

Weapons in Lords of the Fallen have main damage types and status effect accumulation power, the main stats are Physical, Fire, Holy, and Wither. Bleed, Burn, Smite, Ignite, Frostbite, and Poison are Status Effects that can be inflicted if the enemy receives enough hits from your weapons, how high these stats are will determine the speed at which they are applied.


Runes Guide Lords of the Fallen

Runes are small items imbued with magic that can be slotted into Weapons and Shields, granting them different bonuses. Players may find Runes scattered throughout the world and from Enemies. There are four different shapes for Rune Slots, and each is related to one of 4 main Stats. Players have to match the Rune shape with the one of the Rune Slot in order to be able to socket them. Note that some higher level tier equipment, may have a fifth rune slot shape, that allows players to socket ANY of the four available Rune shapes.

Players will unlock Rune Slots as they upgrade Weapons and Shields. A fully leveled piece of equipment may have up to three Rune Slots.


  • ativ rune lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px Runes that possess this shape are related to the Strength attribute.
  • velox rune lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px Runes that possess this shape are related to the Agility attribute.
  • devoth rune lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px Runes that possess this shape are related to the Radiance attribute.
  • anarkos rune lords of the fallen wiki guide 100pxRunes that possess this shape are related to the Inferno attribute.

How to Parry in Lords of the Fallen

Just as Shields each weapon has a certain resistance to each of the main damage stats: Physical, FireHoly, and Wither. Whenever you block this percentage will be subtracted from the attack's damage, and you will also lose a set amount of stamina depending on how much Stability the item has. Parrying will Wither your health but deal high posture damage to enemies being parried.

 parry lords of the fallen wiki guide 300px


 Lords of the Fallen All Weapons

















Grand Axes

Grand Hammers

Grand Swords

Long Swords











Short Swords





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    • Anonymous

      I'm seeing most weapons when upgraded to +10, according to this wiki, lose some scaling and attack power.. is it correct? seems odd to me.

      • Anonymous

        Not a fan of every other weapon being inf/rad requirement with rad rune slots. Oh look new weapon "30 rad required" oh so I am staying with my claymore I got 30 minutes into the game and will continue using it for the rest of the game.

        • Anonymous

          The difference between the holy damage of this game and the holy damage of elden ring is like night and day holy ****.

          • If you are going for the weapon collector achievement, heres is my farming Build: (gear that increases item discovery rate. all these stack)

            Bountiful ring: you can equip two of them.

            Nhelaq (shield rune): Upgrade a shield were you can equip 3 of them (agility runes), for example "shield of whispers"

            Umbral Eye of Ethryg: Increases item discovery rate by %30 while in umbral. Only one is allowed per character.

            Consumables: (These buffs drop after you rest)
            - Lucky Paw
            - Charmed Paw

            That is all I was able to find

            • Anonymous

              before you ask the reason why there is no 3rd rune slot is because you don't have the third friggin rune tablet its in the tower of penance in a chest go look it up.

              • Anonymous

                I collected all the weapons and shields listed on your site and even throwing weapons (including arrows and bolts), but I never received the weapon collector achievement...

                • Anonymous

                  It's disappointing how unnecessarily limited you are in combining weapons and therefore creating builds.
                  Can't two-hand off-hand weapons and you lose the one-handed moveset while dualwielding, so there's no point in combining fast and slow weapons outside of weight.
                  Can't use multiple ranged weapons, which is an extreme bummer since there are so many options available. This one's especially dumb since you can theoretically do this by going into the menu and switching your ranged weapon there, but that doesn't exactly seem intuitive.

                  With the combat being relatively simple, it's a shame you can't spice things up by utilizing a larger kit, especially since there really isn't even a reason for them to limit the player like this. Same thing applies to accessories as well, btw.

                  • Anonymous

                    Once again fextralife is a disappointment - how hard is it to use the game's own default sort order instead of alphabetical?

                    • Anonymous

                      Does anybody know if there is somewhere on the net any info about posture damage for the various weapon categories?

                      • Anonymous

                        Can someone please explain to me why does every ranged weapon(bows and crossbows) have every damage type? Do they inflict physical, fire, holy and wither at the same time? I never see wither health when using ranged weapons, please help.

                        • Anonymous

                          Slightly disappointed that there are so many weapons that requires dex in the grand weapon category, just feels weird for a huge slab of steel to need high dex

                          • Anonymous

                            It's been confirmed by the devs as of today, nearly 200 weapons/shields. Almost 80 spells, almost 350 pieces of armor and 30 bosses. We gonna be eating good when it's comes to weapon and armor variety.

                            • From what I could gather from various youtube videos, there are 12 "families" of weapons, they are; short sword, long sword, grand sword, flail, fist, hammers, grand hammers, axes, grand axes, spears, and polearms. This is not all of them and I could have gotten some wrong.

                              There are at least 100 weapons, for context, there are 250 melee weapons in Elden Ring and 183 melee weapons in Dark Soul 3. This does not include bows, catalysts, or other ranged weapons.

                              We know there are bows and catalysts, they effectively function the same with an "ammo/spell" slot used for arrows, throwables, and spells depending on what you have equipped. We also know the hud can change to have an ammo counter and a DS3 mana bar depending on if you have a spell or projectile equipped. If you do not have a ranged weapon equipped, you can put a throwable in the slot(examples are throwing axes, throwing spears, and rocks).

                              As before, takes this well salted.

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