Damage Types in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is an important mechanic pertaining to Combat. There are four main Damage Types in The Lords of the Fallen: Physical, Fire, Holy, and Wither. Damage dealt by each Damage Type is affected by many factors, including your equipment, stats,  skills and temporary buffs, as well as any resistances or weaknesses players and enemies alike may have. Players and enemies can also inflict abnormal status effects which can deal or modify each of the game's four Damage Types. 

If player has visible damage numbers, can guess how enemy reacts to said damage type:

  • Red means enemy is weak to said damage, therefore receives extra damage. Note, that scale of weakness is different for each enemy.
  • White means enemy is Neutral to said damage, therefore has neither extra nor reduced damage.
  • Grey means enemy is resistant to said damage, therefore receives reduced damage. Note, that scale of resistance is different for each enemy.

Other useful information regarding engagement with enemies:

  • See Status Effects for all status buildups and other effects applied to your character.
  • See Spells for a list of magic that can be casted to deal, increase resistance to, and buff your damage with each elemental Damage Type.
  • See Runes for a list of runes that can be equipped to augment you resistance and damage dealt with each Damage Type.


All Damage Types in Lords of the Fallen

Physical Damage

Effective Against: 
Rhogar Natives, Umbral Natives

Ineffective Against:
Hallowed Sentinels, Knight-type Enemies, Ice-type enemies

Related Equipment:
All Weapons 
(except Catalysts)
Agility Runes
Strength Runes
Latimer's Javelin 
Adyr's Authority
Blessed Reflections (melee variation)

Fire Damage

Effective Against: 
Hallowed Sentinels, Animal-type enemies

Ineffective Against: 
Rhogar Enemies, Few Umbral enemies

Related Equipment:
Inferno Spells (excluding Adyr's Authority)
Inferno Runes
Minor Fire Salts
Fire Salts
Fire Ward

Holy Damage

Effective Against: 
Rhogar Enemies

Ineffective Against:
Hallowed Sentinels, Few Umbral Enemies

Related Equipment:
Radiant Spells (excluding Blessed Reflections (melee variation))
Radiance Runes
Minor Holy Salts
Holy Salts
Holy Ward

Wither Damage

Effective Against: 
Enemies with mortal flesh (Hallowed Sentinels, Rhogar Nativy)

Ineffective Against: 
Enemies without mortal flesh/limited flesh (most Umbral Nativy)

Related Equipment:
Umbral Spells (excluding Latimer's Javelin)
Minor Wither Salts
Wither Salts
Wither Ward


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