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Vestiges mark places where previous lampbearers fell.

Vestiges are the Checkpoints of Lords of the Fallen (LotF). These special locations mark the places where previous lampbearers fell. These marked areas, allow players a moment of respite between the lurking Enemies and looming challenges. Do note that resting at a Vestige respawns all normal Enemies.

  • Please see Stigmas to find all the locations of these remnants in Lords of the Fallen (LotF).
  • To learn more about where to find and how to use Umbral Flowerbeds, please check the Umbral Flowerbed page.
  • Please visit the Walkthrough page for Lords of the Fallen (LotF) for a detailed guide on the main story.
  • You can also check our Game Progress Route page for Lords of the Fallen (LotF) for a summarized progression path.


Once activated, these serve as points of revival should you die in Umbral. Activated vestiges can be warped between and used to beckon other lampbearers (multiplayer).


Vestiges Options in The Lords of the Fallen

When interacting with a Vestige, you may select the following menu options:

  • Rest: Resting at a Vestige will completely restore the player's Health and Mana. 
  • Warp to Vestige: Allows players to teleport to another Vestige. It has to be previously activated.
  • Upgrade Character: Spend Vigor to upgrade your character Stats
  • Multiplayer: Allows players to summon a second player into their game.
  • New Game+: Only available after beating the main campaign. Starts a New Game Plus cycle.
  • Runesmithing: This feature only becomes available if you give the Rune Tablet to Sparky.


Vestige Effects in Lords of the Fallen

  • Resting recovers the player's health and mana
  • Refills the number of uses for the Sanguinarix
  • Regular Enemies respawn upon using a vestige
  • Warps the player back to the Axiom if a vestige is used while in the Umbral Realm
  • Vestiges can be used if enemies are around but the player is vulnerable to being attacked


Vestige Seedlings in Lords of the Fallen

A figure grown from a Vestige Seed. Can be warped to and used as a temporary vestige.

As is the case with the seeds which they grow, little is known of Vestige Seedlings for their practical functions, even if they are but a pale, fleeting imitation of a true vestige.

Umbral Flowerbeds in Lords of the Fallen

Your Umbral Lamp vibrates and emits a special color when close to an Umbral Flowerbed. When positioned on an Umbral Flowerbed, select your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad, raise it with L2/LT, and hold  Δ/Y to grow a Vestige Seedling. A Vestige Seedling serves as a point-of -revival should you die in Umbral. They provide the same services that a Vestige can provide to players.


LOTF Vestiges Notes and Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Other Trivia for the Vestige in Lords of the Fallen go here.


All Vestige Locations in Lords of the Fallen

Abandoned Redcopse

  • Redcopse Village Entrance - Vestige of Hannelore
  • Redcopse Windmill - Vestige of Marco the Axe (NG+)

Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters - Vestige of Rosamund (NG+)

Bramis Castle

  • Bramis Castle - Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim (NG+ / NG+2)



  • n/a

Defiled Sepulchre

  • Defiled Sepulchre - Vestige of Ranik (NG+ / NG+2)

Fief of the Chill Curse

  • Fief of the Chill Curse - Vestige of Svornil
  • The Crow's Nest - Vestige of Loash (NG+)


Fitzroy's Gorge

Forsaken Fen

  • Forsaken Fen Lookout - Vestige of Olleren
  • Forsaken Fen - Vestige of Valade (NG+ / NG+2)
  • Shuja Hamlet - Vestige of Pale Butcher

Lower Calrath

  • Lower Calrath Depot - Vestige of Sebastian
  • Lower Calrath Alehouse - Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch (NG+ / NG+2)


Manse of the Hallowed Brothers

  • Manse Supply Pathway - Vestige of Ferrers the Charred
  • Hallowed Brothers Leprosarium - Vestige of Brother Jeremiah (NG+ / NG+2)

Mother's Lull

  • Sublocation - Vestige

Path of Devotion

  • Path of Devotion Memorial - Vestige of Dieter (NG+)


Pilgrim's Perch

  • Sanctuary of Baptism - Vestige of Chabui
  • Pilgrim's Perch Ballroom - Vestige of Blind Agatha (NG+ / NG+2)

Revelation Depths

  • Revelation Depths - Vestige of Lost Berescu (NG+)

Skyrest Bridge

  • Skyrest Bridge - Vestige of Ethryg (Always)


Sunless Skein

  • Sunless Skein Mines - Vestige of Hooded Antuli (NG+ / NG+2)
  • Sunless Skein Hoist - Vestige of Catrin

The Empyrean

  • The Empyrean - Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight (NG+ / NG+2)


Upper Calrath

  • Upper Calrath Mining District - Vestige of Doln
  • Upper Calrath - Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian (NG+ / NG+2)



Lords of the Fallen Vestiges Lore

Vestige of Ranik

vestige of ranik vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Ranik had always been alone, his life one of isolated, directionless wandering punctuated with moments of rage, violence, and pain, any kind of real human connection forever an alien and unattainable concept. It was only when he became a bearer of the Umbral Lamp that he understood why: because his destiny was to be an eternal bringer of death, his solitude to date merely preparing him for his role. But after the Umbral light abandoned him, Ranik soon died the way he had lived, alone and without purpose.


Vestige of Hannelore

vestige of hannelore vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


A former warrior of Wolusia, Hannelore once again took up the sword and journeyed to Mournstead, ostensibly to fight the Rhogar but more so to escape the responsibilities she had struggled to bear, abandoning her family. Later, long after becoming a lampbearer, Hannelore came across an Umbral stigma that had captured the final, tragic moments of a pair of children who had grown so much, and seemingly come in search of their mother. The warrior sank to her knees, broken, and cast aside her lamp before taking her own life.


Vestige of Marco the Axe

vestige of marco the axe vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


An orphan who spent his life roving with a corsair fleet, Marco displayed a great aptitude for fighting, thieving, and drinking early on, but felt most comfortable with an axe in his hands, initially in the feeling of coastal trees for wood, but also later for felling any man or beast who opposed him. Eventually, Marco's pirate band dissipated and he found himself washed up on a strange shoreline, alone aside from his trusty axe. Drifting into Mounrstead, that axe was soon joined by the Umbral Lamp, and Marco's skill with both made him a force to be reckoned with.


Vestige of Ethryg

vestige of ethryg vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


A skilled warrior and accomplished leader of men, the knight Ethryg was the very first to take up the duty of lampbearer, and with his newfound power, he flourished. Overly so, in fact: in his increasing arrogance, Ethryg came to style himself a master of death and an Umbral king, ruling with cruelty from the crypt of Skyrest Bridge. Later, discarded by the Umbral light for a new lampbearer, Ethryg learned too late that while one can channel the power of Umbral for a time, at the end the shroud descends over all.


Vestige of Chabui

vestige of chabui vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Having heard tell of the existence of a weapon capable of raising the dead, a powerful warlord of Yisugen ordered his son, Chabui, to travel to distant Mournstead, claim the weapon, and bring it home, whereupon his father would use its power to wipe out all of the opposing clans and unite their war-torn homeland beneath his banner. Chabui did indeed acquire the Umbral Lamp, but in so doing became tethered to Mournstead and the role of lampbearer -- meanwhile, Yisugen burned and its people bled beneath unrelenting tides of war.


Vestige of Blind Agatha

vestige of blind agatha vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


To Agatha, two things mattered more than anything else in life: the way of the sword, and the way of Orius. Fiercely pursuing both, the latter led to her joining a small, extreme branch of Orism in which, in an effort to gaze upon the face of Orius, the most pious would deliberately blind themselves by staring into the sun long enough. Agatha gladly sacrificed her sight only to see nothing but darkness in return, an outcome which, while not diminishing her swordplay one bit, shattered her faith. In Mournstead, however, Agatha discovered a new purpose, her blades flashing swift and deadly in the light of the Umbral Lamp.


Vestige of Olleren

vestige of olleren vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px

  • Sub-Location: Forsaken Fen Lookout
  • Main Location: Forsaken Fen


Emerging from the vast drylands far to the west, the weathered, laconic stranger named Olleren rode into Mournstead one morning, never revealing the reason for his arrival, if he ever had one at all. But whatever mysteries lay in the long shadow he trailed behind him, there was never any ambiguity over the wrath he brought down upon the deserving after he became a lampbearer, the thundering of his weapons echoing across the kingdom only to finally fall silent during a defiant final stand amidst the stagnant waters of Forsaken Fen.


Vestige of Valade

vestige of valade vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


An ambitious knight from the kingdom of Hadlain, Valade's ultimate goal was to live a grand, heroic life filled with exploits that would be retold with awe in songs and tales for generations to come. In the immortality bestowed by the Umbral Lamp, Valade saw the opportunity for an unending future of glory, but this was not to be, and any significant deeds she might have performed have long been forgotten: a crushing disappointment spared her, true, but doubtless no worse than the horror she felt at being consumed by her own Umbral Lamp.


Vestige of the Pale Butcher

vestige of the pale butcher vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


If the hulking albino who came to be known as the Pale Butcher had any other name then it was never known to any who crossed his path during his time in Mournstead, partly because he spoke in an alien and unsettling tongue, and partly because those who did cross his path rarely lived long, the Pale Butcher's slaughtering being swift, horrific and indiscriminate. The Pale Butcher's stint as a lampbearer proved to be one of the most savage in history, the Umbral light at his side shining long and bright through torrential showers of blood and gore.


Vestige of Betrayed Eliard

vestige of betrayed eliard vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Eliard had done many terrible things during his life, some in the name of the dark, tempestuous passion that raged between him and his lover of several years, the ruthless pair having marked a trail of violence
and woe across the lands. In Mournstead, Eliard's lover betrayed him and left him for dead, only for his life to be saved by the Umbral light. Eliard yearned to embark on a journey of revenge but instead bowed to the light's will in exchange for its power. In time, his lover returned to him, begging for forgiveness. Eliard embraced her and made her one final, heartfelt promise: that her death would be long and agonizing.


Vestige of Sebastian

vestige of sebastian vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


A well-bred lordling, Sebastian lived a life of luxury, his martial interests being largely for appearances and certainly never been truly tested until an ill-advised expedition ended with him in Mournstead, alone and a lampbearer, his companions dead. But even more so than his capabilities as a warrior, Sebastian found his conscience tested, exposed as he was by Umbral to a scale of suffering he had never imagined in all his years of privilege, and as a lampbearer he fought to prevent further suffering where he could.


Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch

vestige of lydia the numb witch vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px

  • Sub-Location: Lower Calrath Alehouse
  • Main Location: Lower Calrath


"Lydia the Witch", was what the mercenaries of the Defiled Infantry called the expert alchemist who mended their battered and mangled bodies after combat, despite her knowing little of witchcraft. Later, when Lydia took up the Umbral Lamp and realized the numerous, torturous agonies that would likely accompany such a dangerous mission from which death was typically no release, she focused her skills on numbing herself against physical pain, an effort which ended with the inadvertent deadening of not only her body but also her mind.


Vestige of Doln

vestige of doln vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px

  • Sub-Location: Upper Calrath Mining District
  • Main Location: Upper Calrath


When the Umbral-worshipping sorcerer Doln became a lampbearer, she rejoiced, for a single lifetime was nowhere near enough to uncover all of the wondrous secrets she knew lurked within Umbral, to which she had dedicated the majority of her life to date, sacrificing much in the process. But like many others before and since, Doln had convinced herself that the lamp was a tool to further mortal ambition, unaware of or choosing to deny a simple truth: Umbral does not serve.


Vestige of Hooded Antuli

vestige of hooded antuli vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


There was a time when the handsome Antuli, the most successful professional thief in Malhiric would have never obscured his fair features with a hood, but that was before one long night of bad, bloody choices left him with features far less fair and forced him to flee the city a wanted man. His desperate, exhausting wanderings eventually led him to Mournstead, where he employed his legendary stealth and dexterity as a lampbearer, until one day a chorus of sorrowful whispers lured him into Sunless Skein, and he was never seen again.


Vestige of Catrin

vestige of catrin vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Once, Catrin would have been horrified at the heretical prospect of a loyal Hallowed Sentinel like her being joined to the Umbral Lamp, but that version of her was lost to the past, tortured and disillusioned and dead, all of her fear, doubt, and pain ripped from her broken body. Now all she had left was rage at those who had betrayed her, and sorrow at the knowledge that sooner or later, somehow, she would break the heart of the man who loved her.


Vestige of Lost Berescu

vestige of lost berescu vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


A powerful -- if erratic -- sorcerer seeking Mournstead's rumored lamp of immortality, Berescu was initially thrilled when the role of lampbearer was bestowed upon him, although the longer he was exposed to Umbral, the more his mind fractured and degraded. Seeking to halt this process, Berescu descended into the depths of Sunless Skein, where the remaining fragments of his sanity scattered like windblown ash, and he wandered the darkness, lost and insane, until the Umbral light abandoned him.


Vestige of Forgotten Guardian

vestige of the forgotten guardian vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Those few who seek such find that tales of the lampbearer now known only as the Forgotten Guardian are murky and conflicting: she upheld the role of Angel of the Void before taking up the Umbral Lamp, and thus served with incredible fervour; she was a mighty champion from the south who fled to Mournstead after slaying the princess she was sworn to protect; she was the true Cleric, her identity assumed by an impostor; and so forth. Whatever the truth, the vestige marking her final death will retain its secrets eternally.


Vestige of Svornil

vestige of svornil vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


The group of Udirangr refugees who escaped a mad tyrant's war long ago settled in a land where they built an eternal paradise for themselves, or so the legend went. The aging warrior Svornil, having seen everything he wanted to see, killed everyone he wanted to kill, and tasted the pleasures he wanted to taste, decided his final goal in life would be to discover the truth of the legend for himself. But the bleak and frigid Kinrangr offered only disappointment and Svornil's time as lampbearer offered only death, of which he had already had more than his fill.


Vestige of Loash

vestige of loash vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Loash was recognized early on as a child born with the rare gift known as the Wild Touch, which allowed her to communicate with beasts, instinctively mend their wounds, cure their ailments, and even experience the world through their senses. All bearers of the Umbral Lamp walk amongst echoes of past sufferings, but only Loash was attuned enough to beasts to bear witness to their frozen moments of agony and misery, a burden which only made her time as a lampbearer all the more bleak.


Vestige of Dieter

vestige of dieter vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


A self-centered but successful inventor and scientist, Dieter left his expansive estate in a wealthy district of Siveny and set off for Mournstead soon after hearing of the immortality-granting device said to be found there, eager to obtain it and pick apart its secrets. After taking up the Umbral Lamp, the hidden knowledge that Dieter tenaciously pursued made him a skilled lampbearer, until the day he claimed to have had a revelation while walking the Path of Devotion and rushed into the Umbral realm, only to never be seen again.


Vestige of Ferrers the Charred

vestige of ferrers the charred vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


While the Umbral Lamp may revive fallen flesh, it does not dull the agony of injury or death or the potential trauma of any accompanying memories. The lampbearer named Ferrers experienced his first demise engulfed in searing waves of Inferno magic, a prolonged and excruciating end that instilled in him a fear of fire. Curiously, Ferrers was often seen in the vicinity of flames afterward, although whether this was an effort to overcome his fear or a morbid fascination with that which had aggrieved him so, none can say.


Vestige of Brother Jeremiah

vestige of brother jeremiah vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Jeremiah was one of several Brothers of Orian Virtue who travelled together to Mournstead to fight the Rhogar in Orius' name, all utterly assured of the heavenly protection bestowed upon them beforehand by the leader of their order, an assurance which swiftly collapsed beneath a Rhogar onslaught. When the murdered Jeremiah, Umbral Lamp now at his side, later reappeared before the few survivors, they were buoyed by the apparent miracle and once more threw themselves into battle. In the end, Jeremiah buried all of his brethren alone.


Vestige of Rosamund

vestige of rosamund vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


Once an honoured soldier, now a desperate and starving wanderer, the pregnant Rosamund experienced visions that she interpreted as confirmation that the immortality which accompanied the Umbral Lamp would extend to both her and her unborn child. After she became a lampbearer and died for the first time, Rosamund learned her interpretation was incorrect, and that in fact, never again would she be able to create life, only death, something she proceeded to do without pity as a forlorn wraith haunting a shattered kingdom.


Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight

vestige of iorelo the cursed knight vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


With a loving wife and peaceful home to call his own, Iorelo believed the struggles and horrors of his past were at an end, but when he came to the aid of a former comrade and they unwittingly disturbed an ancient entity, he became the undeserving victim of a terrible curse, his search for a cure resulting in his journey to Mournstead and acceptance of the Umbral Lamp. But even after enduring greater struggles and horrors than he had ever known, Iorelo's quest ended in failure, his curse finally overwhelming him atop Mournstead's peak of corrupted Radiance.


Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim

vestige of the bloody pilgrim vestige lords of the fallen wiki guide 300 px


When he who came to be known as the Bloody Pilgrim arrived in Mournstead, it was seemingly as just another traveller amongst many of like mind, but when those around him began to suffer the same agonising, blood-drenched death, it became clear he was no ordinary pilgrim, and the number of corpses left in his wake only grew with his receipt of the Umbral Lamp. In truth, the Bloody Pilgrim was no hopeful Hallowed Sentinel but rather the last of the ancient band known as the First Pilgrims, rumored to have ascended to a wondrous afterlife at the end of their mythical journey, but who in reality found something far more terrible awaiting them.

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      • Vestiges for NG+ and +2 done. No more worrying about going NG+. No struggles for NG+2 so feel free to enter it. All "important" vestiges still here. Only problem is Fief of the Chill Curse but i guess it's just a quick run-through area. A bit of a run-back when doing inferno ending but thats the only problem i guess.

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