Shrine of Adyr

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Use Severed Hands to purchase items at the Shrine of Adyr 

Shrine of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is a statue that offers players unique Armor pieces and Armour Tincts for players to use to customize their armor. These items can only be purchased with Severed Hands, a form of currency that may only be acquired by successfully invading another player's world or defeating the invader in the player's world.


What is the Shrine of Adyr in The Lords of the Fallen

The Shrine of Adyr is a statue under a red hue, surrounded by severed hands, chains and some candles. It allows players to interact with and purchase items such as Armor and Armour Tinctss, but can only be purchased with Severed Hands.

Severed Hands are the currency used here that may only be acquired successfully invading another online player's world or successfully defeating the invaders that has invaded the player's world.


Crimson Rituals in The Lords of the Fallen

Crimson Rituals occur when players' world have been invaded by other online players. A name in red will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen in between the quick access items and the health bar, a player will then spawn at your location and the battle will start. Successfully defeating the invader will reward players with severed hands that can be donated to the Shrine of Adyr.

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How to use the Shrine of Adyr in The Lords of the Fallen

Just like for Shrine of Orius, and Shrine of the Putrid Mother, there are three tiers that players can unlock when a certain amount of Severed Hands have been donated. Each tier grants players different types of Armor and different sets of tincts. Players can take reference to the progression bar below the three tiers.

Since Shrines are an online co-op function, the Progress bar is not just the progress of the player, but is it the progress of the whole community. When players donate their Severed Hands, it fills up the progression bar for all of the online players. Therefore players will need to donate a large amount of Severed Hands alongside the community players to fill the progression bar to unlock tiers.


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Where to Find the Shrine of Adyr in The Lords of the Fallen

Players can find the Shrine of Adyr behind the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard.

From the Vestige of Betrayed Eliard in Fitzroy's Gorge, simply continue on the path and turn the corner to see a body on a throne with red lighting and several severed hands and chains.

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Multiplayer Menu in The Lords of the Fallen

The multiplayer menu can be accessed by visiting a Vestige, you may choose these options

  • Beckon Lampbearer: A function to invite other online players not on your friends list.
  • Beckon Friend: A function to invite players on your friends list.
  • Accompany Lampbearer: A function that allows you to help other online players in their world.
  • Slaughter Lampbearer: A matchmaking function that allows you to invade other online players' worlds to start a duel.


Lords of the Fallen Shrine of Adyr Notes & Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Other Trivia for the Shrine of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen go here.
  • Interacting with the Shrine of Adyr for the first time will grant players the Crimson Ritual Fervour Gesture
  • With recent patches, all regions now have the same currency gains, also shrine prices and tiers.

    Most of the regions in the world get 9 Severed Hands or 27 with Charred Finger, while SEA region gets 150 Severed Hands, vpn usage also allows you to get same rewards, items in the shop also differ in price and tier.
    Shrine shop state is decided when you have the right region while the game is launched, after that it will only change when you change your region and restart the game.
    Currency gain can be changed at any time, the ip is checked while the currency is gained, also currency is account wide.


LotF Shrine of Adyr Shop Inventory

Lords of the Fallen Quick Search of All Shrine of Adyr Items

Type Tier Severed Hands
Cost per item
Butcher, Warlord, Commander, Blood Duke
Armour Tincts Tier 1 Everywhere 50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Charred Finger
Consumable Tier 1 Everywhere 50 Patched Out
10 Everywhere
Armour Tincts Tier 1 Patched Out
Tier 2 Everywhere
50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Sufferer, Flesh-Tearer, Charred Lord
Armour Tincts Tier 2 Everywhere 50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Slaughterer's Coagulator
Consumable Not sold in SEA (Patched Out)
Tier 2 Everywhere
Not sold in SEA (Patched Out)
50 Everywhere
Hand-Collector, Stalker
Armour Tincts Tier 3 Everywhere 50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Knight of Adyr Gauntlets, Knight of Adyr Trousers
Armour Tier 1 Patched Out
Tier 3 Everywhere
250 Patched Out
350 Everywhere
Knight of Adyr Armour
Armour Tier 2 Patched Out
Tier 3 Everywhere
500 Everywhere
Knight of Adyr Helm
Armour Tier 3 Everywhere 250 Patched Out
400 Everywhere



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    • Anonymous

      if my math is right, its 2410 online items for each shrine (to get all tincts and armors) and fulfil the donation requirement.... thus far the easiest is sadyr, getting 9 hands per kill or 27 hands per finger kill

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if it's a bug or not but I've been farming the Ruiner in lower Calrath, the one circling the big tree, he is VERY rarely dropping severed hands 2 at a time, gotten 4 so far. Certainly not an economical way to get em, just thought it was strange.

        • Anonymous

          Think they patched using a VPN to give the increased rewards. I farmed the set and tincts here but not the sets from the other shrines, and it no longer works to switch to vpn to change region.

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