Respec in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is a mechanic to reset your Character Stats. Respeccing in LotF is often used to make drastic changes to a player's Build, reallocating attribute points to satisfy the stat requirements of new Weapons, Magic, or other such equipment.

Lords of the Fallen Respec Helpful Links

  • See Stats for a rundown of attribute points, attack power, damage negation, and all other player stats.
  • See Pieta for details on how to reallocate (respec) assigned attribute points.
  • See Molhu and Rebirth Chrysalis for the item needed to reset your stats.
  • See Builds for a selection of the best Builds available for different kinds of play styles.

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Lords of the Fallen Respec Guide

How to Respec in Lords of the Fallen

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How Respec works in Lords of the Fallen

With the Rebirth menu, you can spend Rebirth Chrysalisrebirth chrysalis item lords of the fallen wiki guide 150pxto clear your levels and reassign them from square one.

You must reassign all levels until you reach your present level and cannot make any attributes lower than their initial level determined by your origin.

The Rebirth Chrysalis is consumed only after confirming your allocation of stats by responding "Yes" to the prompt of confirmation" - backing out of the menu before finishing will not expend a Rebirth Chrysalis.

Where to Find Winterberry in Lords of the Fallen?

Winterberry can initially be found in the tunnels in Revelation Depths. After defeating the Skinstealer Boss, take the Drainage Control Key from them and use it to reduce the water level in the cistern. Doing this will give you access to the depths where Winterberry is located.

If you complete Byron's The Missing Pendant quest, this will prompt Winterberry and Byron to move into the Hub at Skyrest Bridge.


Where to find Rebirth Chrysalis in LOTF

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Rebirth Chrysalis

A chrysalis of Umbral origin. Use to reassign existing player level points.


Respec Location in Lords of the Fallen

Pieta and Molhu can both initially be found at Skyrest Bridge.

  • Nearest Vestige: Vestige of Ethryg

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    • Anonymous

      I have the crysalis but I still can't change my status. I can start the conversation but I can't reduce or increase anything.

      • Anonymous

        So, respec is still bugged for me. At level 100, I wanted to respec simply to get the 4 points back that I had put into Radiance early game to instead use for my quality build. After doing so, my character level would jump from 100 to 141! I really just wanted to cap at lvl 100, but oddly enough, I still only have the allotted points that I had earned. In short, stats are all the same, but at a higher level. Odd.

        • Anonymous

          So few of them in the game and 1 of them can be lost if you take a lift after killing a boss rather than turning around and going back the way you came? What incredible design....

          • Anonymous

            There is a bug at the Shire of Putrid Mother. I have 79 plucked eyes but a dialogue shows me "not enough plucked eyes". All 3 levels of the "community line" are opened

            • Anonymous

              There's a bug that happens when you respec in a lower levelled characters world as a summon (atleast that's what i think caused it)
              Your stats will be messed up but if you respec again after your level will almost be doubled everytime. My friend is level 768 cause he has used respec 3 times since the bug initally happened

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