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Character NPC
Initial Location Skyrest Bridge

Pieta is an NPC and a Boss in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Pieta of the Hallowed Sentinels was restored to life by Orius after you defeated her boss version, Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. She can also upgrade the efficacy and increase the charges of your Sanguinarix by giving her Saintly Quintessences. NPCs interact with players in different ways, even giving them Quests and rewards as they complete them.

  • Please visit the Endings page to learn more about Pieta's role in unlocking the Umbral ending for Lords of the Fallen.
  • Please visit the Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal boss page for strategies and other information for this NPC's boss encounter.


By Orius' divine will, I live again. It's a miracle.


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Where to find Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

Pieta can initially be found at Skyrest Bridge.

  • Nearest Vestige: Vestige of Ethryg

This NPC transforms into one of the most powerful bosses when attempting the Umbral Ending, and when defeated, this NPC drops the following items:


Lords of the Fallen Pieta Full Questline Walkthrough

After defeating Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, a remnant of her can be seen when you interact with the Umbral Realm in front of the gate at the Skyrest Bridge. In that memory, Pieta was seen casting a Radiant Healing Spell on those she calls brothers and sisters in the hopes of easing their suffering. After that, go through the passage on the left side that will take you to the place where you will meet a bunch of other NPCs.

As you head inside the building, you will be met by Exacter Dunmire who welcomes you in. In the Main Area of the Skyrest Bridge, you will find Pieta who is alive and well. When you speak to her, she will be delighted in knowing that you're a divine instrument sent by Orius to deliver her death and rebirth, which resulted in her getting clarity. At this point, she will tell you the story of how Orius sustains her, and her wishes to lend that power to you.

The blood flowing in Pieta's veins is so powerful that its contents can bring healing to those who drink it. She will also ask you to bring her any of the Saintly Quintessences you can find so that she can further bolster the power within the Sanguinarix you carry. Upgrading your Sanguinarix will result in getting more charges as well as the efficacy of each Sanguinarix charge. This will help you in the mission of cleansing beacons, restoring the Hallowed Sentinels, and eradicating Adyr's malignancies. These are the missions that Pieta speaks of and she will lend her power to you, every step of the way, all in service of Orius.

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When you speak to Pieta in the Hub at Skyrest Bridge, she will tell you how The Descriers of the Dawn were misguided, and that they foster misinterpretations of Orius' divine will and works. She goes on to continue that many of the nobles in Mournstead that are entombed beneath the crypt followed their teachings, and held beliefs that it was Orius' power that maintained the structure and not the integrity of the stonework. This shows how much Pieta is a follower of Orius, as displayed by this monologue.

During your 3rd encounter, Pieta speaks of how sacred texts depict Saint Latimer, a noble knight and a devout follower of Our Lady, who was canonized after he sacrificed himself to show the Hallowed Sentinels what was necessary for the greater good. She shares that many have given their lives to sustain the beacons, but Latimer was the first one to do so and remains one of their most venerated figures.

On your 4th encounter with Pieta, you will still find her in the same location at Skyrest Bridge. She tells you that she too, has a conscience and she understands the instinct to pity the boy found at the base of the mine, and the desire to condemn the Hallowed Sentinels for such an act. However, she reminds you not to be hasty- that the bond between the boy and the Umbral realm is indissoluble, and that he plays a vital role in safeguarding Mournstead.

If you have the Odd Stone, hand it over to Pieta. She will examine it and tell you that it looks different, and yet, somehow, she recognizes it. She tells a story from her childhood, back in the orphanage when she was still young and before the Hallowed Sentinels found her. She met a kind woman named Iris who helped her overcome her fears of being alone. She tells you that she lost the stone a long time ago, and yet it found her again after all these years. In our playthrough, we gave 3 Odd Stones to Pieta, but we didn't notice any immediate changes. 

When you meet her again, Pieta will tell you that the abbey is the only other home that she ever knew, aside from the orphanage she grew up in. She feels the pain of seeing what it had become, but it pains her even more to see her afflicted brothers and sisters who roam its halls and courts. Although Pieta says, that she takes comfort in knowing that salvation is near for all, except those who started the corruption.



Pieta's Role in Endings in Lords of the Fallen

Pieta's True Form

Players can unlock Pieta's True form by following the Umbral Ending guide. This fight is accessible when you're aiming to get the Umbral Ending in Lords of the Fallen. This can be achieved after killing off certain NPCs and eventually interacting with Pieta and revealing the truth about what empowers her, and her healing abilities. 

To do this, players will return to Skyrest Bridge, and use Soulflay on Pieta. This will cause Pieta to unleash her true form and become one of the most powerful Bosses in Lords of the Fallen. Pieta has dedicated her life to Orius and because she served a cause she deemed greater than herself and giving life, she didn't realize that she was acting in defiance of her own parasitic nature. 

 This fight will take place at Mother's Lull in Revelation Depths.


Unlock the Umbral Ending in LotF

Unlocking the Umbral Ending in Lords of the Fallen will require killing certain NPCs. By doing so, it will automatically lock out players from completing their quests as well as interacting with them. To unlock the Umbral Ending, do the following related to Molhu:

  • After inserting Harkyn's Umbral Parasite in the column inside Skyrest Bridge, speak to Molhu to reveal your next target.
  • Interact with Pieta in the hub and Use Soulflay to reveal her parasite. This will teleport you into the fight against one of the most powerful bosses. Defeat the new boss unlocked and take the umbral parasite.
  • Insert the Umbral Parasite in the column inside Skyrest Bridge which has an open slot.

Refer to the Endings page for the full guide on how to get the Umbral Ending.


LOTF Pieta Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and tips about this character go here



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      I have the crysalis but I still can't change my status. I can start the conversation, but I can't reduce or increase anything. Does anyone know why?

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        No info on her resistances yet? That'd be great to have considering how egregiously overtuned she is right now.

        I can say for sure that she's weak to fire damage, so farm a bunch of Minor Fire Salts from the spear-weilding caster enemies in the region leading up to her
        and you may find some Burn Salts if youre lucky (in 10 hours I've only found 2 of them; they probably come from the two super-aggressive fire sword enemies.)

        Seeing as how she attacks with radiant damage, she's probably resistant to the same, and it'd also be helpful to bring Holy Ward to the fight, though it's not at all common pre-Pieta.

        Lastly, PARRY, PARRY, PARRY. Thankfully, unlike in FromSoft games, parrying is super easy to master here. In this fight, blocking is bad, dodging is good, and parrying (her sword attacks) is superb. If you time the parry right, you won't take chip damage like you would from simply blocking.

        If all else fails, just farm XP in Umbral. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize your "soul" gain in Umbral is multiplied. Plus, enemies spawn indefinitely and in increasing numbers as your time in Umbral increases. Just don't get caught by the reaper thing.

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          Calm down you fist humpers. First off she's a video game character...2nd even if she was real (and would actually talk to a weeb) she looks like she's got the whole alphabets worth of hepatitis.

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            Anyone else get the pieta feeta ending? Use the shine of adyr on her before going to the castle! She’ll turn about 50 feet tall and you’ll start licking all that skybridge grime off her feet. Congratulations lampbearer, you achieved the true good ending!

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