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Character NPC
Initial Location Revelation Depths

Winterberry is an NPC and a Merchant in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Winterberry plays a part in Byron's Questline, in search of Catrin's Missing Pendant. She was initially thought of as a monster who stole the pendant, but her intentions will be revealed later on. NPCs interact with players in different ways, even giving them Quests and rewards as they complete them.


I'm Winterberry. You're my first customer today.


Where to find Winterberry in Lords of the Fallen

Winterberry can initially be found in the tunnels in Revelation Depths. After defeating the Skinstealer Boss, use the Drainage Control Key to reduce the water level in the cistern. Doing this will give you access to the depths where Winterberry can be found. The full guide on how to find Winterberry can be found below.

NOTE: If you follow the steps above, you will be able to help out Byron and his search for Catrin's Pendant, also preventing Byron from killing Winterberry.

  • Nearest Vestige: Vestige of Lost Berescu
  • This NPC moves to the area below the Hub down the spiral stairs where you free the Tortured prisoner at Skyrest Bridge after completing The Missing Pendant quest.
  • If defeated, drops: This information will be added soon.


Lords of the Fallen Winterberry Full Questline Walkthrough

How to Find Winterberry in LotF

As you make your way cleansing beacons and fighting the Rhogar in Mournstead, you will encounter an enraged Byron at Sunless Skein next to the Vestige of Catrin. He explains that this Vestige marks where Catrin fell, who was once a Lampbearer, and his lover. Byron shares a piece of his life, the time when he and Catrin were once Hallowed Sentinels and fell in love with each other (this explains why he said before that the Hallowed Sentinels are no better than the Rhogar). A love between the Hallowed Sentinels is forbidden, so when the order found out about their relationship, they paid for their "sin" with agony. 

Byron and Catrin were sentenced to death by the order, but it was only Catrin's heart that had stopped, but not for long, because of the Umbral Lamp. Catrin was able to live life again as a Lampbearer for a while. Eventually, she stopped coming back to the realm of the living, and the Vestige was put in place to mark her true death in Sunless Skein. He will then ask you to report to him if you find any trace of Catrin's Pendant. This conversation with Byron will give you x1 Bemoaning Gesture.

You will find Catrin's Pendant in the inventory of a Merchant named Winterberry. Winterberry can initially be found in the tunnels in Revelation Depths. After defeating the Skinstealer Boss, take the Drainage Control Key from them and return to the Revelation Depths. The key will be used to reduce the water level in the cistern and give you access to the depths where Winterberry is located.

NOTE: Don't use the elevator after defeating the Skinstealer. If you return to Upper Calrath without informing Byron of Winterberry's true intention, then Byron will move near the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian while Winterberry disappears from your world forever, leaving her bloody backpack behind. When this happens, Byron ends up killing Winterberry while thinking that he killed the monster. When you find what remains of Winterberry, you will have the option to reveal to Byron the truth or stay silent about it and let him believe that he killed the "monster" who took the pendant.

skinstealer boss thief pendant questlines lords of the fallen wiki guide

Return to the Revelation Depths once again and use the ladder that's tucked between two stairs. The area below is filled with water in the Axiom Realm, so before going down, cross over the Umbral Realm to pass through here. Below, you will find a withered cave filled with enemies. Stay on the main path while looking out for the doorway on the right side and make use of the ladder to go up and interact with the Emergence Effigy to return to the Axiom Realm. Use the Drainage Control Key next to the effigy to gain access to the lever which will reduce the water level down in the cistern.

After that, return to the middle of the cistern where the water was drained. Look down and locate an area where you can jump off on top of wooden crates that form a bridge to reach the other side. Then, go through the doorway with a skeleton marking this location. This will lead you back into the tunnels, and back into the cave, where you will find more wooden bridges and lit torches. Your goal is to reach the opposite wall of the cave, and you must pass through the wooden bridge at the end of the narrow path and then tread the other side.

Make a right on the doorway where an enemy is strategically placed at the corner, waiting to ambush players. Walk past the lit brazier and jump down at the end of the platform. Stay on the main path and keep walking until you find an Umbral Flowerbed. At this point, your journey will become more difficult and we recommend using a Vestige Seed here.

Keep exploring the left path where you see a wooden scaffolding and a tall wooden structure. Walk past the elevator and defeat the enemies that you will come across. Follow the path leading below and when you reach the cave section again, make a U-turn, and take the ladder to go down. Cross the wooden bridge marked by a lit wooden torch, and stay on this path until you reach the end. There's another ladder for you to use to head to the depths.

Next, look for the hidden section on the right side. When you reach the broken bridge area, backtrack to where you see the wooden crates that are blocking the entrance. You can easily destroy it by rolling over it, or you can also attack it since there are enemies lurking here. Head inside the narrow path and this will take you to a location with white sacs growing from the ceiling and on the ground. 

room with eggs

Keep to your right and watch out for the loot at the end of the wooden bridge, you may be tempted to pick this up, but beware of the deceitful Ravenous Fascinator. They will attack you if you try to pick up the loot. You can use your Umbral Lamp on them to force them to retreat and use soulflay. Jump to the other side and follow the path on your right. At the end of this, kick down the wooden bridge to use it. You're so close to finally meeting Winterberry, so stay on this path.

On the other side of the bridge, there is an archer here that will attack you on sight. Eliminate them and proceed to the area behind them. You will see lit candles in front of a skeleton in the distance and this marks that you are on the right track. Break down the wooden walls on the right to reveal the path to Winterberry by rolling over it. Keep walking until you reach the end to see a small figure sitting next to a makeshift tent.

to the leftbreak the wall

When you find Winterberry and discover that Catrin's Pendant is not for sale, this encounter will give you 1x Celebration Gesture. When you return to Byron at Sunless Skein to report your findings, he will surrender and say that Winterberry is not a monster, and will relent on punishing the thief who took Catrin's Pendant. This will cause both of them to move into the crypt at Skyrest Bridge, and Winterberry will become available as a Merchant again. You can trigger this movement by going back to the elevator where you fought the Skinstealer and then using the elevator to reach Upper Calrath. They will both then move to the Skyrest Bridge.

Look for the duo at the bridge within the crypt, the same area where you destroyed Umbral Tumors to Free the Tortured Prisoner. They are located at the bottom of the spiral stairs. This will complete the quest: The Missing Pendant. When you get to Skyrest Bridge, speak with Byron about his plans. He will reveal that he wants to seek peace and will take Winterberry under his protection while letting her keep the pendant. This will give you 1x Umbral Eye of Ethryg as a reward. It will be a good idea to exhaust Byron's dialogues as this will cause his armor set and 1x Byron's Shovel to be available for purchase in Winterberry's expanded inventory. Make sure to rest at a Vestige to refresh the progress if you don't see the following items in Winterberry's expanded inventory:

If you missed some of these steps, you will end up having to tell Byron the truth, after he killed Winterberry. This will prompt him to disappear from the world forever and leave behind Byron's Shovel and Catrin's Pendant on a rocky path on the edge of a precipice in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. You will also find a nearby stigma that reveals the relationship between Byron and Catrin.



LotF Winterberry Inventory

Item Name Item Type Cost Requirements
Rebirth Chrysalis x1 Upgrade Materials 8,000 Vigor Default Inventory
Hysteria Pendant x1 Pendant 4,500 Vigor Default Inventory
Anchorite's Ring x1 Ring 500 Vigor Default Inventory
Crossbowman's Ring x1 Ring 500 Vigor Default Inventory
Ring of Sanguine Might x1 Ring 500 Vigor Default Inventory
Barrage Root x1 Ring 3,000 Vigor Default Inventory
Briostone Pair x1 Consumable 400 Vigor Default Inventory
Manastone Cluster x1 Consumable 600 Vigor Default Inventory
Vestige Moth x3 Consumable 1,500 Vigor Default Inventory
Vestige Seed x3 Consumable 2,500 Vigor Default Inventory
Lucky Paw Consumable 500 Vigor Default Inventory
Eye of Vengeance x10 Consumable 1,000 Vigor Default Inventory
Catrin's Pendant Quest Item -- Default Inventory
Byron's Shovel Weapon 600 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Wildfire Ring Ring 500 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Briostone Trio x10 Consumable 700 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Large Manastone Cluster x10 Consumable 900 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Charmed Paw Consumable 500 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Byron's Cap Helm 2,200 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Byron's Wrappings Gauntlets 1,800 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Byron's Trousers Leg Armor 1,800 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline
Byron's Garb Chest Armor 2,500 Vigor Complete Byron & Winterberry's Questline




LOTF Winterberry Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and tips about this character go here
  • Once Byron and Winterberry are reunited, you can trigger their movement by going back to the elevator where you fought the Skinstealer and then using the elevator to reach Upper Calrath. This will prompt both of them to move to the crypt in Skyrest Bridge.
  • You can purchase Byron's Armor Set from Winterberry once they move into Skyrest Bridge.



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    • Anonymous

      You cant tell him the truth once you find the remains. Once you go up that elevator the whole quest has ended i wonder where this "tell him the truth" bs comes from.

      • Anonymous

        There’s not even a place where you can get the items in her inventory from a different vendor. That’s bullshit. How was I suppose to know triggering the elevator would automatically kill that questline.

        • Anonymous

          This game ****ing sucks. I went up the elevator And back down instantly to explore the area. Screwed up the questline

          • Anonymous

            The retard that hid the two best mage items in the game on an NPC who can die because you take the wrong fork in the road deserves a bullet. I'm punished for beating the boss in a single try while in the umbral. I'm punished for playing well and looking for the next obvious bonfire. No a bullet is too good, the retard should get the pliers.

            • WINTERBERRY is out of place. Only the backpack remains. I can't do the task. Please fix this problem. Mission blocked. It is a very sad situation. Where did this WINTERBERRY go? Please help me

              • Anonymous

                No, it wasn't pure luck; I was able to complete the quest *because* I decided to pursue it there and then by following a hunch. Pure luck would be if I wasn't thinking about Byron's quest at all and just happened to not use the elevator at that point for no particular reason. Stop being so argumentative when I'm agreeing with you that, while I think this is an interesting concept for a quest, it's unfair that it can be failed so easily if you don't make the decision to follow it immediately in a particular way.

                • Anonymous

                  While I agree that the elevator ruining the quest sounds pretty unreasonable, I made a conscious choice not to take that elevator up because I had Catrin's pendant on my mind. So, by deciding to stick with the side quest rather than leaving it until later, I unknowingly set myself up to be able to complete it. This is an interesting bit of game design, but the possible outcomes could have been hinted at more clearly, to make it more fair for the player.

                  • Anonymous

                    "I've only know Winterberry for a day and a half. But if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this cursed land and then myself." - Lamp-bearer

                    • Anonymous

                      Well, add me to the long list of people who got locked out of this quest line. I saw one comment that says this quest cannot be completed on NG+ . If this is the case then I agree with everyone about how ridiculously messed up this quest is. However if you CAN do it in NG+ then I am in no way that butthurt about it.

                      • Anonymous

                        This is very bad quest designing.

                        After a boss kill it is normal to get a step further and looks whats behind.
                        And there you have a ****ING elevator after a boss and that elevator will destroy a questline you know but from a location that you havent even discovered yet because YOU GO RIGHT FIRST and kill the location boss.

                        • Anonymous

                          Hex really out here running the fades of 99% of people’s playthrough quest if you don’t use a wiki…smdh

                          • Anonymous

                            So I found the coins at the bloody backpack but there is no option to tell Byron. Maybe exhausting his dialogue in Upper Calrath before finding her hideout cuts you out of that option. F.
                            I even found that area first but dropped a vestige and backtracked to Skinstealer elevator before I lost my bearings, saw Byron there talked to him lit the vestige and returned to forsaken depths. Oh well, add the the gigantic NG+ list -_-

                            • Anonymous

                              So I’ve done all the above. Spoke to Winterberry, bought all her items except for the pendant quest item as she won’t sell it. Went to Sunless Skein and went through Byron’s dialogue. Quit and uploaded again. Neither has moved to where it says at Skyrest. Quit and reloaded. Still not there. Went back to Winterberry (luckily I planted a Vestige seed there). She’s still selling there and talking about her friends in the dark. Is there something else I need to do to get them to move to Skyrest?

                              • Anonymous

                                Seems like taking the elevator before you find her locks the quest. Perhaps trigger is lighting the vestige in Upper Carlath. What is weird I am pretty sure I did not lower the water before I went up the elevator but shovel duded was already upstairs. So this makes me thing it's not intended action, unless he is some scuba-diver-grave-digger. Regardless pretty **** to lose out on items.

                                • Anonymous

                                  all the good sh8s are in the merchant's inventory and you'll fcking miss them with one small fcking mistake. fck fck fck

                                  • Anonymous

                                    So ridiculous. This quest must have a 99% fail rate. If you're going to make a fail-by-design quest that locks you out of an NPC merchant then they should at least give you an alt method of allowing you to access the items, like have another merchant sell them in Skyrest if you return a quest item from the Depths (or something)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This is... terribly implemented. I saw the area down below, but because I decided to explore up instead of down I'm now locked out of several items(apparently forever). Meanwhile there was 0 indication that this would happen, so that's great.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        So to get to this merchant you need a key that drops from a boss but immediately behind that boss is a lift that, if you take it up, basically kills off this NPC? They could've just had Byron note he's still looking and he's going to head back down there one last time, then on reloading the area Winnie is dead? Idk I get it's taking advantage of that "just finished a boss - get the next checkpoint!" Mindset but for all I knew the lift was gonna go down? Seems a bit higgledy-piggledy but Elden Ring and Soulsbourne quest NPCs were very hard to track so I suppose it's baked into this genre at this point...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          All you babies crying about "bad design", welcome to the Dark Souls experience the first time around noobs.

                                          • Byron refers to Winterberry as a girl, but Pieta also mentions "an umbral boy at the base of the mine," or something to that effect. Translation error? Or is there another potential Umbral boy I'm missing?

                                            • There is 3 outcome for this Quest:
                                              1- To get the (Moving On achievements) and Byron set you need to find Winterberry before you take the elevator up to Upper Calrath. after that back to tell Byron the truth so they can move to Skyrest.
                                              2- If you want to get Catrin's Pendant and the shovel find Winterberry and dont talk to Byron after that, just go up to Upper Calrath you will find Byron talk to him and tell him the truth and then intract with his stigma at lower part of the Tower of Penance before the boss door.
                                              3- Quest fail and byron stuck at upper Calrath : If you speak with byron and you dont find Winterberry then you take elevator up to upper Calrath. in this case you cant tell him the truth and you cant keep it so he is confuse that means it fails and he stuck forever.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Winterberry’s body is not where it should be in my game. I know she’s dead, but I don’t see her corpse. I picked up the coins, but she isn’t here, so I can’t tell Byron and finish his questline

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  As an inferno user, this really soured me on the game…why does a very missable NPC have all the good mage gear? I think I’m going to take a break. Maybe they’ll change this to be less bullshit in a future update?

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Please add to the guide description where to SPECIFICALLY find Byron and Winterberry when they move to Skyrest bridge. Fortunately i did everything correct and didnt cause Byron to kill Winterberry and i read in the guide they would move back to skyrest bridge. Well thats all fine and dandy except i have been looking for them for ****ing hours going back and forth everywhere and just now learned that they move into the area downstairs below where you free the tortured prisoner..... Not in the hub itself, pretty big and also a small important detail in my opinion since i dont consider that area a part of the hub.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Whoever made this questline is a retard. Punishing players for following the intended path after killing a boss by removing a vendor NPC...

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        GREAT, nice to have an entire npc questline obliterated because I took a single friggin step forward from the intended path.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          For some reason Byron and winterberry are not moving to the Skyrest bridge and i have no idea why. I already defeated the harrower boss duo (obviously i didnt take an elevator after defeating skinstealer).

                                                          Also just a sidenote the merchant is a girl not a boy.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Missed this as well. With how rare Vestige seeds are I didn't think about planting one since typically I found that I wasted a couple Seeds by planting them in a boss arena since there is a Vestige close by after beating a boss.

                                                            Also i didnt think about jumping down after beating Skinstealer and risk losing my Vigor.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              like everyone else I missed this, where are the remains of Winterberry? I killed the boss in depths but never came across her or her remains.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                do not take the elevator after skinstealer if you are interested in keeping this guy alive and/or doin byron's questline, i was dumb enough to take the elevator and by doing so byron will offscreen kill winterberry. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR AFTER SKINSTEALER

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