Interactive Map for Lords of the Fallen (LotF): Find and track all StigmasBossesQuestsItems, Weapons, Armor, and more in the game. Comprehensive Lords of the Fallen Map is regularly updated with detailed information regarding all Quests, Locations, Items, and much more! From Vestiges to Colossal Bosses locations, you can find everything you need in the new souls-like from HEXWORKS.


Lords of the Fallen All Locations Interactive Map

Click on the link of a location to access its Interactive Map!

Please take note that we are currently in the process of creating all maps, missing locations will be added as they are made!

Mother's Lull



Lords of the Fallen Interactive Map

This is a complete Lords of the Fallen Map with full size, all locations, Vestiges, Regions, Quests, and customizable filters with interactive search!



Welcome, fellow travelers! Before you dive into Mournstead, it's important to have a good understanding of the game's map. Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate both Axiom and Umbral, as well as exploring the dark dungeons. The Lords of the Fallen Map Size is massive, allowing players to explore most parts of this ravaged and bleak land. This Lords of the Fallen Interactive Map gives players a full, complete view of every accessible area.

As you explore the decayed locations of Lords of the Fallen, don't miss anything out there! From imposing Bosses, to transitions to the Land of the Dead to solve puzzles, Mournstead is a land filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

Players can expect to spend many hours exploring the vast lands of Mournstead and unveiling all its secrets. Our Lords of the Fallen Map helps you keep track of everything you've picked up, with a full list of Lords of the Fallen, Weapons, Armor, Key Items, and more.

Lords of the Fallen locations are unlocked by progression through the main story, so you will want to make sure to follow the Main Quest as well as each of the Npcs interesting subquests. Learn about how to interact with them, which items are needed to progress further into the game and reach the desired Ending

Lords of the Fallen Interactive Map Features

Using the Lords of the Fallen Highlands Map you will be able to track all the following features and more!


Please be mindful that locations in the Lords of the Fallen World Map are not pixel-perfect to their corresponding location. To provide easy tap targets for tooltips and links, some items have been spaced out around the area where they are found. Please see each description tooltip or item page for further details on the item, boss, or location.

This tool is a still work in progress: You can contribute to it by editing wiki pages such as Locations to add information and adding comments to this page to give tips and advice. You can also join us on to provide feedback and tips.

If you are on mobile, the map works best on Safari or Chrome. Allow it time to load in all the assets as you scroll or turn filters on or off. Alternatively, we suggest using our static Maps instead, and the wiki's search function to find what you are looking for.


All Content in Lords of the Fallen Map

With this powerful tool, you can navigate the whole world of Mournstead, obtain powerful loot, and defeat unconquerable Bosses along the way. Meet interesting and mysterious Npcs, learn their stories and motives, and help them along the way to receive rewards, while uncovering the secrets of Mournstead! Be ready to face atrocities in both Axiom and Umbral, the two realms you will be able to transition while exploring this land.

Explore all Locations & Vestiges

Mournstead awaits! Grab your Umbral Lamp and explore its lands in full. Uncover its secrets, surpass its challenges, and learn where to take a much-needed breather now and then! Learn all Locations, where to find Vestiges, its Npcs, and, a must for a soulslike like Lords of the Fallen, where to unlock shortcuts!

Not all of Mournstead's inhabitants will be pleased to find you. Learn about all Enemies and Bosses! Where they are located and what tactics they bring to the table. Be ready to wield your weapon or prepare your spells, to clash with them in epic showdons!

Stigmas scattered throughout the world will enrich the lore and tell you stories about what has happened in these cursed lands. Learn where to find them and how to interact with them.

Quests in Lords of the Fallen

Learn the captivating stories of all NPCs and help them on their Quests! Not only theirs, as you will learn the chronicles of previous lampbearers who succumbed in these treacherous lands. Learn where to find each quest-giving NPC and how to progress their quest up until the end.

All LOTF Merchants

Cryptic merchants and strange creatures that are willing to trade populate the land in Lords of the Fallen. Each one of them will offer interesting items and stories, and sometimes they may have quests with great rewards!

Navigate the interactive map of Lords of the Fallen to discover a wide range of Merchants scattered throughout the realm of Mournstead. These expert NPCs specialize in various trades, offering a vast selection of Armor, Weapons, Accessories, and more. Utilize the map's detailed markers to pinpoint the exact locations of these Merchants and explore their ever-changing inventories.

All Lords of the Fallen Bosses

Learn where to find the most powerful enemies in the game! Bosses are one of the main attractions of Lords of the Fallen. The incredible grotesque designs of the hulking monsters, alongside the threatening presence imposed by the humanoid figures, make them a force to be reckoned with. 

All Lords of the Fallen Weapons

Need a specific weapon for completing a job? We got you! Explore about the 16 weapon families available, learn where to find them, what quests have to be completed, or which of the hulking bosses drops it! Consult our wiki to learn more about each weapon family as well as their pros and cons

Shields & Armor in LOTF

Select between the three types of Armor and Shields to mitigate and reduce the amount of damage received to the fullest. Want to play an iron-clad knight with a hulking shield? or rather, go with a faster, agile light-armored fighter? All Armor and Shields can be found on the interactive map.

LOTF Upgrade Materials

Upgrading your equipment is vital to facing the increasingly difficult challenges that get in your way while exploring Mournstead. Learn where to find Deralium to upgrade your Weapons and Shields, increasing their effectiveness in combat to become tools of destruction! Upgrade your Sanguinarix to be able to heal more when in danger and to be able to do it even more times! But that's not all, traveling to Umbral without upgrading your Umbral Lamp may render the path ahead even more dangerous! Learn where to find all these components in our Interactive Map

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All the content that can be found in the Interactive map, has also its respective page on our wiki, powered by comparison tables, galleries, images, and TONS of information! Please, don't hesitate to visit the wiki to learn more about all the aforementioned topics and more regarding Lords of the Fallen    


How to use the Lords of the Fallen Interactive World Map:

  • The search bar matches partial words so you can try and put "Boss" or "Stigma" and see what comes up. Use the wiki search to find pages for "All Stigma Locations" etc.
  • You can filter by category using the checkmark layers on the right side of the map.
  • Please see our Walkthrough and Game Progress Route to figure out where to go!
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Lords of the Fallen Checklist

VIP Members will also be able to see their completion rates and keep track of all items per category by marking them on the map. This feature is the best option for players who want to keep track of their progress while exploring the putrid and decayed lands of Mournstead.

Content in the World:

  • All Armor
  • All Bosses
  • All Locations
  • All Merchants
  • All NPCs
  • All Stigmas
  • All Quests
  • All Weapons
  • Logged-in user progress tracking
  • Personal Lords of the Fallen Checklist 
  • Completion % tracker


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