Pumpkin Patch Event

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Pumpkin Patch Event is a timely exclusive event in Lords of the Fallen

Pumpkin Patch Event in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is a seasonal event themed for Halloween released by CI games and Hexworks. An unprecedented event was released alongside a major patch which is patch (v.1.1.249). Players who will join the event and complete its seasonal questline will acquire an exclusive headgear in the game. Furthermore, an exclusive role in the LOTF official Discord channel will be granted to the first sets of players who will be able to complete the event. This page aims to provide clear instructions on how to complete and participate in the Pumpkin Patch Event.

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Season of the Bleak’s upon us and rumours are stirring of mysterious happenings across Mournstead. Some claim to have spied a fabled mask - the very stuff of nightmares - but is there truth to such tales?


What is the Pumpkin Patch Event in LotF?

Lords of the Fallen players can now enjoy a special Halloween event with the release of Hexworks Pumpkin Patch through update v1.1.249 with the hashtag: #LOTFPumpkinPatch. The update includes festive cosmetics that add a spooky flair to the game's realm of Mournstead. In addition, the patch offers a new questline where players can obtain Pumpskin Mask. Players can acquire this item by finding a special Stigma scattered and hidden in the land of Mournstead. Apart from the Halloween content, the update also contains the previously announced changes to New Game+ and other significant gameplay improvements.


Pumpkin Patch Event Additional Mechanics or Rewards

As part of this event, not only players can obtain the Pumpskin Mask as an exclusive reward, but also the first player from each region who shares a screenshot with the spoils of the riddle on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Steam Community, or Discord using the hashtag #LOTFPumpkinPatch will receive bragging rights on our official Discord with an exclusive role, as well as a free key to gift to a friend.

  • Event Duration: November 2, 2023
  • Participating Regions: North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific

Lord of the Fallen Pumpkin Patch Event Notes & Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Other Trivia for Stigmas in Lords of the Fallen go here.
  • Soulflaying a set of Event Stigmas will reward players with an exclusive headgear called Pumpskin Mask.


Pumpskin Mask Information and Stats in LoTF

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Item Description

An old headpiece of flesh, bone, metal and cloth made to resemble a pumpskin. Increase item discovery rate.

Long ago a killer stalked the streets of Calrath, mutilating and murdering a number of victims over the course of a year. Dubbed "Pumpskin" by the locals, the killer continually evaded capture by the authorities, until eventually the murder simply ceased, a shroud of mystery having hung over the whole bloody affair ever since.


Damage Mitigation

Physical Holy Fire Wither
 21  0  66  66



Smite Bleed Burn Ignite Frostbite Poison
0 37 42 31 17 39


All Event Stigma Locations in Pumpkin Patch Event

All Event Stigma Locations

As mentioned previously, players need to locate all special Stigmas in the game that were scattered and hidden in various locations in the game. Upon finding and soulflaying all the special Stigmas in this event, players will be forced to fight the Spirit of the Bleak Season Boss. Once defeated, it will drop Pumpskin Mask along with other useful rewards. In this section, we have provided all the locations of the special Stigmas so players can complete this event. However, if you wish to solve the riddle blindly, here are the clues of all locations of the Stigmas provided by the developers for players to dabble on.

LotF Pumpkin Patch Event Clues

  • One dwells amidst the company of the celebrated dead.
  • Another in a lonely hamlet where the streets ran red.
  • One's to be found where the bitter sacrificed dwell.
  • Another in a place where an innocent girl fell.
  • One demands from you a head for heights.
  • Only then can you face a shadow by beacon's light.
  • Steel yourself in the garb of one who speaks not.
  • And hope in that bleak ground your bones do not rot.



Skyrest Bridge


Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma Location #1


The first Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma is easy to find as it is located in Skyrest Bridge. From the area with a long hallway leading to a sarcophagus at the end where the Descrier Guide Set can be acquired, near your location, there is a blocked tunnel with iron bars. Bypass this blockade by transferring to Umbral. Pass the iron bars, and follow the umbral platform that will lead you to a small room with more sarcophagus. On the other side of the room, you will notice the Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma. Soulflay it and get x2 Umbral Scouring. It is worth noting that this is the same area where you can get the Princess' Sting pendant.

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Abandoned Redcopse 


Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma Location #2

The second Event Stigma can be found in Abandoned Redcopse. Starting from the Vestige of Hanellore, head your way through the abandoned village area near your location. Near the center of the village notice that there is a huge tree towering near your location. This tree is the one where hanging dead body that contain loot. Behind the tree, there is a ruined house that there are barrels in it. Destroy the barrels and transfer to Umbral. The event stigma should be located at the corner. Soulflay it and obtain x2 Umbral Scouring.

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Pilgrim's Perch


Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma Location #3

The third Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma's location can be found in Pilgrim's Perch.  Starting from the Vestige of Ferrers the Charred, head to the nearest lever to activate the Lift. Ride the lift and the Manse of the Hollowed Brothers Banner will appear while you are on your way down. Get off the lift and notice that there's a wooden ladder situated near the giant statue that leads to a series of platforms or scaffoldings. Climb the ladder and there's a long wooden plank that can be used to reach the next platform. Transfer to Umbral and notice that the Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma can be found underneath the said wooden plank, situated on a beam. Soulflay it and get x2 Umbral Scouring.

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Fief of the Chill Curse


Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma Location #4

The fourth event stigma can be found in Fief of the Chill Curse. You can start from Vestige of Loash near The Hollow Crow's Nest. Head your way to the Beacon, take the ladder down, and head out to the hole on the side of the tower. You are in the right direction if you are near the area where you fought The Lightreaper in this area. Warp into the Umbral and head down the wooden bridge leading to the river path on the left until you reach a wall blocked by a target you can Soulflay. Soulflay it to open the path and head into the town, on the right, soulflay the entity to clear a path in the town and continue through the alley. At the end of the alley, pick up x1 Beast Axe from a dead body.

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Forsaken Fen


Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma Location #5

The fifth Pumpkin Patch Event Stigma's location is in Forsaken Fen. The location of the stigma is relatively easy to find. From the Vestige of the Valade, Follow the nearest straightforward tunnel leading to the door shortcut. Pass the door, transfer to Umbral take a sharp turn to the left, and notice that there is an Umbral Ladder that you can use to climb up. Pass the ladder, follow the straightforward path here and you will eventually stumble upon a burning altar or a banner which the Harbinger Armour Tinct is also located. Near the burning banner lies the Pumpkin
Patch Event Stigma. Soulflay it and receive x2 Umbral Scouring.

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Hushed Saint Boss Arena


Pumpkin Patch Event Final Step

After you've soulflayed all 5 event stigmas proceed to the Hushed Saint boss arena wearing the Hushed Saint's Set, aside from the headpiece. And then you'll find a wooden structure that created a mini-boss arena with glowing lights on the ground. Go into the Umbral and soulflay the last event Stigma. After soulflaying the stigma, receive x2 Umbral Scouring. This will then trigger a mini-boss fight, wherein you need to beat the Spirit of the Bleak Season Boss. The majority of the players will not have that much of an issue taking care of this boss as it behaves like a Bringers found in Cistern. But here, you will be fighting with just one entity. After defeating the boss, get the following rewards, x8 Umbral Scouring, x1 Pumpskin Mask, x1 Eerie Armour Tinct, and x1 Ammunition Satchel. Congratulations on completing the event.

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    • Anonymous

      Can confirm you can still complete the pumpkin event as 11/27/23. I did need the Hushed Saint Armor equipped to have the last bossflay spawn in but you can unequip the armor and fight the boss any armor you want.

      • Anonymous

        You can still do the event with new characters. If you don’t see the pumpkin stigmas, you need to beat the hushed saint first before they will appear in your world. I made a char long passed the Nov 2 date, so definitely can get it.

        • I just finished this event on November 14... so I'm not sure if it's a bug, or if it's most likely due to me grabbing one of the event stigmas on this character while the event was running? Who can say for sure, but would be interested to see if it's still possible! Check your Skyrest or Redcopse stigmas after you've finished Hushed Saint and see if you have any luck ☺️

          • Anonymous

            I hate that they don't allow this after a certain date. I hate seasonal things, I just didn't have the opportunity to do it because of real life things getting in the way and I miss out on themed gear for my favorite holiday. I would rather they just add these things and make a big deal out of it and then keep it in the game.

            • Anonymous

              unfortunate that this is time gated. boss wasnt anything special but i still wish it was year round since the tinct is actually really cool and i want it on more characters!

              • Anonymous

                how many hours need to play for killing the hushed saint?
                and how many hours do I need to travel to each required location for the Halloween quest?

                • Anonymous

                  Neat event, don't see stuff like this in souls-likes. Do wish the boss wasn't just a tanky bringer, though.

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