Gestures in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) are emotes that players may use to express themselves. Gestures are commands that trigger the players' characters to perform various poses or actions to communicate with other players. They sometimes can be used to unlock secrets in the game. Players may find their Gestures in their inventory menu under the Gestures tab. This page covers a list of all the available gestures, as well as relative information and tips for Lords of the Fallen.

Using Gestures in Lords of the Fallen

Gestures are commonly used to unlock different secrets in different Locations, players can also perform gestures to other players to express their emotions, indications of agreement, disagreement, or direction. 

Players can keep track of their gestures in their inventory menu under the gestures tab.

How to get All LOTF Gestures

While some gestures are automatically in the player's inventory at the start of the game, other gestures may be acquired through completing various tasks or quests or simply speaking to different NPCs that players meet throughout the game. Upon exploration, performing certain gestures will also unlock secrets that are hidden.


Lords of the Fallen Gestures






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    • Anonymous

      Why do I feel like there is a gesture combination to use on the Sundered Monarch while he is grieving before you attack him to initiate the fight to change things....

      Same with the crow boss

      • Anonymous

        Kann keine Gesten mehr tragen bucketlord geste nicht ausrüsten weil ich zuviele Gesten doppelt habe was nun ?

        • Anonymous

          Where do you get this gesture? Furthermore, I find wiki confusing and all over the place. I opened this room and only found a chest with a armour set. No real direction in the walk through and after you look over the walk through as I do after moving on to the next area. It has guids inside of guides inside of guides. Nothing like previous versions like DS3 or Eldin ring. Is this been put together by a newbie? Certainly not the normal Fextralife that keeps from start to finish in proper order. Frankly it's a mess and use it as a reference. Why is this one so unorganized?

          • Anonymous

            J'ai des doublons et je ne peux pas utiliser les derniers emotes que j'ai reçu quelqu'un a t'il une solution ?

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