Mirror of Distortion

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A new questline is now available, offering the chance to unlock a mysterious mirror with the power to transform your very physiognomy. This will enable you to modify your body shape, gender, skin tone, hair color, facial features, and even your name.

Mirror of Distortion in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is a new unlockable feature that was made available during the Trial of the Three Spirits - Update v.1.1.414. Gaining access to the Mirror of Distortion gives players the ability to make changes to their character's appearances. According to the update, the Mirror of Distortion is a mysterious mirror with the power to transform your very physiognomy. This will enable you to modify your body shape, gender, skin tone, hair color, facial features, and even your name, which will essentially allow you to make changes in character creator. Prior to unlocking its abilities, it will be observed as An empty mirror frame. 


Lords of the Fallen Mirror of Distortion Information


How to Unlock the Mirror of Distortion in Lords of the Fallen

The Mirror of Distortion in the Lords of the Fallen was an added feature that was released with an update. A new Mirror of Distortion questline has been added to unlock the uses of Mirror. It starts out as an Empty Mirror Frame before broken glass fills the frame. This requires players to locate 3 Glass Shards in different Locations. Once a Glass Shard has been collected, it can be taken to the Empty Mirror where you will have the option to Hand over the Glass Shard. Doing so will fill out a portion of the Mirror Frame. 

After all Glass Shards have been collected and returned to the Mirror Frame, players will then also need to purchase a Renewal Knife from Molhu for 8,000 Vigor. This requires Molhu's wares to be available to you. Take the knife back to the completed Mirror and you will now be able to Mold your Form. 


How to find the Glass Shards in Lords of the Fallen

There will be three Glass Shards spread out in three different Locations and can be collected in any order. You can look for the Glass Shards in Lower Calrath, Revelation Depths, and in Sunless Skein. These Glass Shards will all be looted from Umbral Belly statues which will require you to Soulflay them in order to gain its contents. View all locations for the Glass Shards below. 


Mirror of Distortion LotF Notes and Tips

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  • Note that you need to have access to Molhu and his wares to gain access to the Renewal Knife which is required to activate the mirror. 


Mirror of Distortion All Glass Shard Locations in Lords of the Fallen

Revelation Depths Glass Shard LotF

  • Location: Revelation Depths
  • Closest Vestige: Vestige of Lost Berescu
  • Requirement: None

From the Revelation Depths - Vestige of Lost Berescu, follow the track on the ground toward the Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight Boss area. Just before you enter the boss area, there will be an Umbral Belly you can soulflay just to the right of the boss entrance which will contain the Glass Shard. 


Lower Calrath Glass Shard LotF

  • Location: Lower Calrath
  • Closest Vestige: Vestige of Sebastian
  • Requirement: None

From the Vestige of Sebastian, you will move in the opposite direction from the original progression route, Head toward Fitzroy's Gorge. You will need to cross the broken bridge that is revealed in Umbral. After crossing the bridge, take a left into the Lower Calrath entrance tower. The Umbral Belly with the Glass Shard will be located on the upper floors of the tower. 


Sunless Skein Glass Shard LotF

  • Location: Sunless Skein
  • Closest Vestige: Vestige of Catrin
  • Requirement: None

From the Vestige of Catrin, follow the tracks into the next archway to the left of the vestige. Keep left and continue through the tunnels. It should lead you to an area with a number of cages. This is where you will find the Umbral belly in the corner next to where you entered the room. 

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      I collected all the Shards and bought the Knife from Molhu, but my Mirror doesn’t seem to work.
      The Option for the Mirror of Distortion pops up if I interact with it, but I cannot choose the Option to change the Appearance of my Character…

      • Anonymous

        Can anyone confirm the mirror is still complete and the next play through? Or do you have to put it together on every play through?

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