Shrine of Orius

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Use Pilfered Coins to purchase items at the Shrine of Orius.

Shrine of Orius in Lords of the Fallen (Lotf) is a statue that offers players unique items such as armor pieces and tincts for these armor pieces. These items can only be purchased with Pilfered Coins, a form of currency that players can only acquire by helping other players in the online Co-op


What is the Shrine of Orius in The Lords of the Fallen

The Shrine of Orius is a statue surrounded by candles and holds a chalice in front of the statue. It allows players to purchase items such as Armor pieces and cosmetic items such as tincts. These items can only be purchased with Pilfered Coins.

Pilfered Coins are the currency used here that can only be acquired by beckoning or accompanying other players online, players may also donate Pilfered Coins to to fill the progression bar to unlock tiers.


How to Use the Shrine of Orius in The Lords of the Fallen

There are three tiers that players can unlock when a certain amount of Pilfered Coins are spent. Each tier grants players with different types of armor and different sets of tincts. Players can take reference to the progression bar below the 3 pages. 

As this is an online co-op function, the Progress bar is not just the progress of the player, but is it the progress of the whole community. When players donate their Pilfered Coins, it fills up the progression bar for all of the online players. Therefore players will need to donate a large amount of PIlfered Coins alongside the community players to fill the progression bar to unlock tiers.


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Where to find the Shrine of Orius in The Lords of the Fallen

Players can find the Shrine of Orius in Skyrest Bridge next to the NPC Nathaniel.

From the Vestige of Ethryg, head to the right and enter the doorway behind the NPC Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis. Head down the first set of stairs and continue along the hallway towards the end to find the NPC Nathaniel and the Shrine of Orius behind him.

Click on the images attached to enlarge them. 

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Multiplayer Menu in The Lords of the Fallen

The multiplayer menu can be accessed by visiting a Vestige, you may choose these options

  • Beckon Lampbearer: A function to invite other online players not on your friends list.
  • Beckon Friend: A function to invite players on your friends list.
  • Accompany Lampbearer: A function that allows you to help other online players in their world.
  • Slaughter Lampbearer: A matchmaking function that allows you to invade other online players' worlds to start a duel.


Lords of the Fallen Shrine of Orius Notes & Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Other Trivia for the Shrine of Orius in Lords of the Fallen go here.
  • Interacting with the Shrine of Orius for the first time will grant players the Orian Vow of Protection Gesture.
  • With recent patches, all regions now have the same currency gains, also shrine prices and tiers.

    Most of the regions in the world get 15 Pilfered Coins, while SEA region gets 300 Pilfered Coins per Boss Kill as a client, vpn usage also allows you to get same rewards, items in the shop also differ in price and tier.
    Shrine shop state is decided when you have the right region while the game is launched, after that it will only change when you change your region and restart the game.
    Currency gain can be changed at any time, the ip is checked while the currency is gained, also currency is account wide.


LotF Shrine of Orius Shop Inventory

Lords of the Fallen Quick Search of All Shrine of Orius Items

Type Tier

Pilfered Coins
Cost per item

Castigated, Paragon, Familiar, Venator
Armour Tincts Tier 1 Everywhere

50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere

Mirror of Protection
Consumable Tier 1 Everywhere

50 Everywhere

Armour Tincts Tier 1 Patched Out
Tier 2 Everywhere
50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Martyr, Chosen, Supplicant
Armour Tincts Tier 2 Everywhere 50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Deralium Chunk
Upgrade Material Not sold in SEA (Patched Out)
Tier 2 Everywhere
Not sold in SEA (Patched Out)
300 Everywhere
Dawnblade, Exalted
Armour Tincts Tier 3 Everywhere 50 Patched Out
100 Everywhere
Faithless Gauntlets, Faithless Trousers
Armour Tier 1 Patched Out
Tier 3 Everywhere
250 Patched Out
350 Everywhere
Faithless Armour
Armour Tier 2 Patched Out
Tier 3 Everywhere
500 Everywhere
Faithless Mask
Armour Tier 3 Everywhere 250 Patched Out
400 Everywhere

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    • Anonymous

      I like to place my vestige seed before the Judge Cleric boss fight to farm large delirium shards from the 2 abiding defenders nearby. With the patch that came out on 12/14/2023, I was able to get 2 of these coins from them on two separate occasions after killing them both. It requires the player to kill both enemies before being completely defeated, but each enemy will drop its own separate loot. Not sure if the 2 pilfered coins came from each enemy, or if it’s from one abiding defender only, if it’s the latter then we might be able to get 4x pilfered coins from them. I had the pumpkin hat and 2 bunny rings with a discovery of 1.69, and it was an incredibly rare drop

      • Anonymous

        As another said why do SEA countries and Australia get more pilfered coins or eyeballs what were the devs thinking doing that you think they would make it fair for all.

        • Anonymous

          so i had 150 coins and i wanted to buy a chunk but it said insufficied coins then i donated them and nothing changed still cannot buy a chunk and everything looks the same like i donated without any reason, gained nothing lost everything, what a sh..tty shrine I WAS ROBBED

          • Anonymous

            im not getting any coins when i kill bosses with a random coop helper. Am i supposed to pick something up after the kill or what?

            • Anonymous

              Usually you'd get 15 coins per boss kill however if you get summoned to help someone in the starting area and you kill lightreaper you're given 30 coins.

              • Anonymous

                My buddy and I have been running together, we get to the same area and switch to the others file.. he's got over 400 and I've only got 90. He doesn't join others either. What is going on.

                • Anonymous

                  Do you guys think the devs considered that buying a deralium chunk for 300 pilfered coins requires you to kill 20 bosses online, which is more than half the number of bosses in the entire game, at which point you might as well just do a new game+0 and get the chunks that way since you can get 4 in one playthrough. The prices on shrine items are seriously mind boggling.

                  • Anonymous

                    This (and other mp pages) should probably be updated to reflect the regional differences. Using a VPN has helped me a lot in grinding for these rewards, already 2/3 shrines done after like 5 hours.

                    • Anonymous

                      My total coins got glitched on xbox for some reason. I had around 20 and just picked up 18 more. Despite that, it shows 0.

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