Storage Box (Coffer)

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This new feature enables you to store up to 2000 items, greatly alleviating your inventory space constraints.

Storage Box (Coffer) in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) is a new storage feature that was made available during the Trial of the Three Spirits - Update v.1.1.414. Additional storage has now been granted so that players can free up their inventories. Players will find the Coffer chest in Skyrest Bridge and will be able to access all their inventory items from the Coffer for quick stowage and retrieval. 


Lords of the Fallen Coffer Storage Box Information

  • Date Added: December 2023 Patch version 1.1.414
  • Location: Skyrest Bridge
  • Space: 2,000 Items 


How to Unlock the Coffer Storage Box in Lords of the Fallen

The Storage Box in the Lords of the Fallen was an added feature that was released with an update. The Coffer chest appears in Skyrest Bridge and immediately becomes available with no prior requirements. To use the Storage Box, approach the chest and interact with the chest to access the Coffer. This will sort all your inventory Items by Category and store them in the Coffer in the same categories.


Coffer Lords of the Fallen Notes and Tips 

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    • Anonymous

      Tried to store seedlings, but once the coffer hits 5, then any more you store just disappear. It shouldn't let you store more if there is a limit, and the consequence shouldn't be that the extra just vanish lmao what

      • Anonymous

        I put a lot of weapons in the coffer, then went for the weapon collector trophy. Triple checked the list, checked two others lists and I definitely have all the weapons. But some were in the coffer when I got the last one, so now the trophy won't pop, even after moving all of them to the inventory

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