Herald of the Maw Set


Type Armor Set

Weight 72.4

Damage Mitigation

Physical 703

Holy 193

Fire 186

Wither 394


Smite 64

Bleed 110

Burn 110

Ignite 64

Frostbite 229

Poison 216

Herald of the Maw Set is an Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Herald of the Maw Set is a new heavy armor set that was released in Patch v.1.1.414 or part 2 of the "Season of Revelry", players must complete a unique quest to acquire this umbral armor set. Sets of Armor in Lords of the Fallen are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.

  • To find the related weapon of this Armor Set, please visit the Horned Skull page.


Where to find Herald of the Maw Set in Lords of the Fallen

We recommend doing the following steps to acquire the Herald of the Maw Set in Lords of the Fallen:

NOTE: This quest will revolve around solving a puzzle that involves listening to musical notes within the Revelation Depths, and this can be done at any point during the game, regardless whether you're on your first run or NG+ run. This quest DOES NOT have any prerequisites but unfortunately, this quest seems to be bugged as some players are locked out of completing this quest.

Step 1: Reach the Umbral Shrine inside the Revelation Depths.

  • From the Vestige of Catrin, you can take the elevator shortcut if you've already unlocked it, then you'll need to do some backtracking to get to the shrine.

revelation depths 1 lords of the fallen min

  • If you don't have the shortcut unlocked, follow the tracks to the right and continue following it, you will then reach a tunnel, be wary of enemies you'll encounter along the way. After you exit the tunnel, continue following the tracks, and once you exit a room, you'll notice the tracks will lead you to the left side. Ignore the tracks and continue heading north. Follow the path and take a left, go down the ladder and drop down on the wooden planks below. You will take damage from this fall so make sure you have enough health to make up for it, then have a consumable ready to recover your HP.
  • Follow the path and you'll reach another tunnel. Continue following the path then turn right, you'll reach Revelation Depths. Keep moving forward until you see a bridge. Cross the bridge and continue progressing. Stick to the right part of the path, then drop down, and head slightly northeast from where you just dropped, and you'll reach the shrine.

Step 2: Perform the Putrid Mother's Embrace Gesture.

  • If you don't have this gesture yet, you can acquire it by interacting with the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in Skyrest Bridge.

putrid mothers embrace gesture items the lords of the fallen wiki guide 600px

  • After performing the gesture, you will hear three different notes playing constantly as long as you're within the area. The three notes consist of a low, a medium, and a high pitch. You will need to take note of these notes as it is needed to solve the puzzle moving forward.

Step 3: Ignite the braziers in order based on the notes played upon performing the gesture.

  • Each brazier around the area plays one of the three notes you heard upon performing the gesture, and you'll need to ignite all three of them in the correct order to match the notes played from the shrine. For the first sequence, you'll need to follow this order: Low pitch, Medium pitch, High pitch.
  • You'll know when you did them in the correct order as when you ignite a brazier, it will stay lit. If you try to ignite a brazier in an incorrect order, the flame will go out and you'll have to restart the whole sequence.
  • The sequence will be the same for everyone as well as where the braziers are placed. But there are more braziers in the area that you can activate that all have different notes, so it's possible for you to find braziers in different locations than others, and as long as you follow the correct order in igniting the braziers, you can still complete the sequence.
  • For this first sequence, you'll find the first three braziers very close to each other near the shrine.
  • Once you've completed a sequence, the fires you've lit on the brazier will turn blue, letting you know you've done it correctly.

Step 4: Head back to the shrine and listen to the second sequence.

  • For the second sequence, you'll need to follow this order: Medium pitch, Medium pitch, Low pitch.
  • For this sequence, you'll find the three braziers around the middle of the vestige spawn next to the shortcut.

Step 5: Return to the shrine one last time and listen to the third sequence.

  • For the third sequence, you'll need to follow this order: High pitch, Low pitch, Medium pitch.
  • For this sequence, you'll find the three braziers around the ladder down from the gargoyles.
  • After successfully igniting the braziers, you will hear a music play letting you know you've completed all the sequences successfully.

Step 6: Find the Umbral Belly inside Harrower Dervla's boss room and obtain the Herald of the Maw Set.

  • You can make your way down the Revelation Depths to get there if you prefer to go on foot, or you can use a Vestige Moth to warp back to your seedling and reach the Vestige of Lost Berescu.

revelation depths 13 lords of the fallen min

  • Once you reach the boss room, enter the Umbral realm and you'll see an Umbral Belly inside the mouth of a giant skeleton just up ahead. Soulflay the Umbral Belly and you'll receive the Herald of the Maw Set along with the Horned Skull weapon.


Herald of the Maw SetArmor Pieces in LOTF


All Herald of the Maw Set Pieces for Lords of the Fallen


Herald of the Maw Mask

herald of the maw mask armor piece lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px

Type Heavy Head

Weight 8.3

Damage Mitigation

Physical 50

Holy 31

Fire 30

Wither 59


Smite 12

Bleed 20

Burn 20

Ignite 12

Frostbite 41

Poison 38

Herald of the Maw Armour

herald of the maw armour armor piece lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px

Type Heavy Torso

Weight 37.9

Damage Mitigation

Physical 382

Holy 94

Fire 91

Wither 193


Smite 30

Bleed 52

Burn 52

Ignite 30

Frostbite 108

Poison 102

Herald of the Maw Gauntlets

herald of the maw gauntlets armor piece lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px

Type Heavy Arms

Weight 8.3

Damage Mitigation

Physical 80

Holy 21

Fire 20

Wither 46


Smite 7

Bleed 12

Burn 12

Ignite 7

Frostbite 26

Poison 25

Herald of the Maw Leggings

herald of the maw leggings armor piece lords of the fallen wiki guide 100px

Type Heavy Legs

Weight 17.9

Damage Mitigation

Physical 191

Holy 47

Fire 45

Wither 96


Smite 15

Bleed 26

Burn 26

Ignite 15

Frostbite 54

Poison 51


Herald of the Maw Set Lords of the Fallen Notes and Tips

  • Notes and tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      I've not seen this anywhere else so I'll post it here.
      The statues holding the fire bowls indicate the note they will make:
      Holding the blow out and bowing head below it = High Note
      Sitting with head in hands and bowl resting on knees = Medium Note
      Sitting cross legged with bowl in lap = Low Note

      • Will this quest work if on my earlier run through Revelation Depths I lit all the braziers? I thought I read somewhere that even if they were already lit, when you perform the Putrid Mother Embrace gesture at the shrine the braziers should all go dark again. Or maybe I'm just bugged; doing the gesture at the shrine isn't doing anything; no tones, nothing.

        • Anonymous

          Is there any kind of prerequisite for this? It just doesn't work in my game. I did the roghar and the radiant armor quests just fine

          • Anonymous

            Does someone knows if there is any prerequisite for this? I finished the roghar and the radiant armors but this one just doesn't work. I tried a lot of things, just wasted time. I'm on endgame in a radiant run

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